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The Oarsman Rowing


Now that you have cottoned on to the idea that rowing is pretty cool stuff; ie, one of the best sports you can lay your hands on (what? me, opinionated?), let me put you more in the picture.
When I get fired up about rowing, it’s rowing and nothing but rowing, so help me.

Did you know the invention of the sliding seat came from the old US of A? You didn’t? Well, I’ll tell you. The first sliding seat was constructed in Chicago in 1857.

When I was rowing, the sliding seat in our old tub had the disgusting habit of jumping off the runners. Just ask a rower going flat out how it feels in the middle of a race, having to row and slide on his backside without the benefit of a seat … Oh, yeah!
In just 50 years we’ve seen a phenomenal growth in rowing, from the clinker-built, keeled boat to the modern out-rigger craft with smooth carbon fibre exterior.

Styles of rowing have not changed to any great extent though, with Steve Fairbairn the Australian, becoming a legendary figure in revolutionising the style of rowing. His basic principle is a powerful thrust of the legs, which gives the greatest possible ‘thrust’ to the start of the stroke.

School teams have commenced their weekly lessons with a well-organized approach to training taking centre stage.
The first lesson was theory for the first half hour, then a ‘stop-start’ approach in a ‘rowing box’.

Now, reading through some rowing literature the other day, my face became a little ‘flushed’ on seeing the definition of a coxswain/coach: “A small (usually) non-athletic person that gets to boss around and yell at big athletic people, developing a psychological complex because they are small and in a powerful position to act like dictators”.

Anyway, in spite of all that, we still have one of the best rivers (with a few crocodiles) to row in.

And there’s more to come. I have a crew of four school girls to coach ready for an upcoming Regatta. I think they will achieve success if they put their minds to it. Because the longer I make them row and train, the meaner I thought I was showing, the more the girls liked it.

See you on the water!
Published: 2009-09-14
Author: Antonio (Tony) Termine

About the author or the publisher
Antonio (Tony) Termine is wickedly qualified to pen articles on the dynamic sport of rowing as a qualified coach and writer of sporting articles for his local newspaper. He is also a freelance editor and proofreader.
As a rower and coach, Tony has acquired considerable knowledge about rowing with all its highs and lows.
Articles on his training sessions often take on humorous facets of life on a crocodile infested river.

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