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The Only Nation Where the Majority Is Victimized


In no country in the world is the majority community victimized like in India. The minorities here are like a privileged class and they enjoy reservations in educational institutions and in government jobs. They have so many other privileges that the majority cannot even dream of.

In a number of nations where Moslems are a majority there is no religious freedom, a Christian or a Hindu cannot even carry a religious book of one’s belief into that country. Forget about any special right or privilege. He has to curtail his freedom and lead a vegetable existence –live, work and sustain himself.

But look at India, the minorities are privileged and the majority deprived. There is no reservation even if a majority community member is below the poverty line. The whole world will cry foul if a Christian missionary is harmed. (Remember they converted the peace loving Hindus by force or coercion recently and destroyed the intrinsic harmony of the native land). It is not a big issue if a minority community set ablaze a coach killing a number of people belonging to the majority. But the heavens seemed to tear apart as a local government could not contain the violence which ensued.

Even today most of our leaders cutting across party lines are trying to appease the sentiments of a minority community on that score!
Well this is rather strange. Nowhere else in the world can we witness anything similar.
Published: 2009-08-30
Author: Apoorva sharma

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