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One, Only, Heart

One, two, three…! I know an answer is expected,
I’ve tried many numbers in this counting,
And the summation still what is dreaded,
I have been standing there counting each,
But I didn’t and couldn’t at all reach,
At any of these other numbers but one,

I employed every bit of mathematical meticulousness,
And all carefulness tandem with numerical perfectness,
The answer remains still to many dishonest,
And I cross check to erase doubts that are regrettable,
But still see only one girl in this pregnant crowd,

Many of pretty and fabricated unrealistic faces,
Still I gather one beauty sight in my traces,
A crowd full of plastic and alloyed beauties,
My! I only see one face in this coalition of niceties,
The one that my eyes are glued and my soul arrested,

Their heads high and uniquely strongly perfumed,
Aiming at destructing my decisive and rational counting,
Their cremated hair and seduction is to me undaunting,
I rub eyes baffled as I get glimpse of this breath taking beauty,
Dropping my eyes and amused by the number amounting,
To a big total of only one girl on counting,

There is that one girl that I can see,
Whose heart gives a perfect love scene,
Her stunning beauty is truly unparalleled,
Her glance leaves my life’s burdens leveled,
Her sedating touch and that her iridescent smile,
Are the combination that weathers my sorrows,

She’s that one, the only in the vicinity,
Whose memories imprison me in solitude,
She is that one, the place my counting stops,
As my pointing finger stoops and then drops,
My molten heart falters and my counting finally ebbs,
And the number is one; you my sweet one!!!

Published: 2009-02-14
Author: Aggrey Nzomo

About the author or the publisher
I am a graduate of Moi university kenya in Linguistics and Foreing languages. I am aged twenty two and a good narrative and descriptive writer. i currently write with an online company the i have with me finished poems and short stories. i also write sex episodes and i have four episodes so far. i am a single male of an African origin.

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