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The Origin of Islamic Jihad and Its Significance

Jihad, Islam, Prophet Muhammed, Christains, Jews

The word ‘JIHAD’ means “HOLY WAR’ originated from the teaching of Prophet Muhammed in the spreading of Islam across the globe. The main reason why the ‘JIHAD’ was introduced is that Prophet Muhammed teachings from the Holy Koran was not accepted by the accient world. He was having three major enemies this include, his own people known as the pagan Arabs, the Christains and the Jews.

The truth of the matter is that large percentage of his fellow Arab brethern did not accept Christainity and Judiasm which the Arab brethen regarded as the relgions of their ememies whose teachings in the Holy Bible is about how God brought the people of Isreal as the most holy people God had choosen on earth and about how God brought out the people of Isreal from the house of bondage in Egypt and went further to fight and taken over all their lands because they were sinners and illegally occuying their lands with force. So with all this in mind, only very few accepted the religions of both Chritain and Judiasm while majority of them worshipped the gods of woods and stones and be involved in the worshiping of those Gog and Magog gods. Gog and Magog religions are those religions outside Judiasm, Christainity and Islam which do not recognize the God of Abraham as the Supreme God that created the whole universe rather claim equal with God or claiming that their gods are superior to him.

Since God wants to bless the Arabs world through Ishmael the son of Abraham born by Haggi the Egyptian Maid, He now raised Prophet Muhammed as their fellow Arab brother whom they will listen and obey instead of the Jewish Rabbis and Christain Preachers. Therefore, as the prophecy also implied, at Mount Horeb which is in Saudi Arabia, God told Moses that he will raise up a prophet like him from among their breathen(referring to the Arabs)like him who they will listen and obey. In order words, as Moses was commissioned at mount Horeb in Saudi Arabia who first appeared to him in the likeness of bush fire, he will also commissioned another prophet like him in the very Saudi Arabia among their breathen who were the Ismaelites who are also the descendants of Abaham whom the Arab world will listen and obey just as the Lord raised Moses among the people of Isreal. Moses did not say, “the Lord will raise a prophet like me among you or as my successor but said ‘among your brethen’. Since prophecy fulfills from one generation to another in a similar forms, the prophecy stands for the coming of Prophet Muhammed, Prophet Elijah and the Messiah. So it is a compound prophecy because it is applicable to different generations and Abrahamic races.

Still in Deautoronomy chapter 17, Moses give a general guide as regards the ministry of that prophet who is to come which is applicable to both the Arabs and the Jews of whom he said “....the prophet who prophecy in the name of another gods that prophet must die”. Which means the prophet whom the Lord will raise as their bother must prophecy in the name of the very God of Abraham not of another gods. This will be his identity.

Therefore, the prophet must not be ouside the Abrahamic linage just as the Medianites were the desendants of Abrahm in Saudi Arabia where Moses took refuge as a fugitive from Egypt. Therefore this was the assignment of Prophet Muhammed being a descendant of Ishmael the son of Abraham as the prophecy of Moses also implied. Thefore Prophet Muhammed will be speaking in the language of the Arab people being the son of the soil whom they will listen and obey and so that through him so many of them will gain their salvation and to be part of the kingdom of the God of Abraham in the end-times.

Prophet Muhammed who got the first set of messeges from Angel Gabriel which he wrote in the Koran started proclaiming the good news of salvation to in Saudi Arabia but faced stiff opposition from the pagan Arabs, Jews and Christians. The Jews and the Christians see him as a false prophet possessed by demonic spirit who have come up with a strange doctrine to deceive the world. This was the practical experience he encountered; he thought it will be very easy for him in spreading the gospel in the Holy Koran without oppositions.

This happened to Moses who was very confident about the staff in his hand which the Lord gave to him to performing signs and wonders in Egypt but as he did perform those signs for the first time in the presence of Pharoah, who then hardened his heart and increase the Borden of the people of Israel who were at that time slaves in Egypt and Egyptians were no longer supplying them with straw used in producing bricks. The Elders of Israel went to Moses and blamed him for increasing their burden and Moses was confused, who then cried unto the Lord and the Lord strengthened him to ensure that he fulfills his assignment in Egypt.

Likewise Prophet Muhammed found himself disappointed for the first time he carried out the official assignment from the Lord as he faced stiff opposition against his new religion by the fellow Arab brethren, the Jews and the Christians who has well retuned to the Mountain and cried unto the Lord for guardians and solution in order to overcome those obstacles.

It was at this point that God introduced to him the Jihad method in spreading Islam which he now included in the Koran. Thus the Lord equipped him to wage war against the Jews and the Christians particularly who are creating blockage in the spreading of Islam. Jihad means “HOLY WAR” and that whosoever that joins him in the fight against opposition group will be richly rewarded in heaven. So with some of his few Arabs he was able to convert joined him to fight the holy war.

The introduction of the Jihad become very necessary because the Jews and the Christians cannot convert all the Arabs world; the Arabs see Christianity and Judaism of the Jews as the religion of their enemies whose teaching in the bible is about our God destroyed their nations and given over to Jews because of their sins while Israel are the most righteous people on earth who are illegally occupying all their lands but at the same time, they did not want him to spread Islam within the Arab regions but rather to discourage fellow Arabs from listening to his message taking him to be a false prophet. Therefore in the Koran, those Jews and the Christians are regarded as the enemies to Islam and they must not have any fellowship with them. They should kill them wherever they find them and should not spare them. But at the same time, the Koran welcome good relationship and peace co-existence between Muslims, Christians and the Jews as brothers.

Therefore, the Koran did not state that every Christians and Jews are enemies to Islam but only for those Christians who opposes or confront them openly even as far as insulting Prophet Muhammad. Such Jews or Christians should not be spared and must fight and kill them and they will have their reward in heaven. The fact is that in those days not every Christians and Jews opposes the teachings of Prophet Muhammed; they recognize the Muslims as their brothers; so they live peacefully with them unlike those who opposes them. So you still have Christian churches in the Arab world till today who still recognize the Muslims as their brothers. So they do not have problem with them.

Thefore “Jihad” was only reserved for those Christains and the Jews who does not allow Islam to spread and instead became an astomming block to others to follow to the road to salvation like what Jesus suffered in the hand the scribes and pharasis who always oppose his teachings and calling a false prophet but they themselves cannot bring salvation to the people because of their evil acts.

Thefore prophet Muhammed trained his follower as warriors as well. Any region they face stiff opposition, they will go and attack and subject the people to Islam so that they there is nothing like Christianity and Judaism in those regions – every-body for Islam. In this way he fought and conquered his regions for Islam and there spreading throughout the middle east regions and from there to the rest of the world. No weapon form or opposition formed against Prophet Muhammed prospered because he was sent by God to establish Islam as a true religion of the God of Abraham.

Therefore through Jihad, Islam become the most acceptable traditional religion throughout the Arab world acknowledging the God of Abraham as the supreme God and also to take part in the Abraham covenant through the education and inspired teaching of Prophet Muhammed from the Holy Koran.
Published: 2006-10-05
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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