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, parting, heart,

Since parting with my honey,
Something has been painfully funny,
And I seek no more of these other beauties,
Who lure men out of their godsend duties,
For only her my; heart aches,
She, who never nags nor forsakes!

For it is in my heart that she dwells,
Where fire of liking flares like a thousand hells,
Where love burns and shows not going out,
A harbinger of love sustained without doubt,
That when we stared at parting-I dreaded this state,
A state that threatened to seal my fate!

That dreaded day she dared not talk,
As I feared this gap which was to widen,
Silence and nothingness featured the walk
Leading to where the companionship got molten,
My heart hollow; her spirit low, we matched,
Keeping our feelings still and untouched!

To this tasteless place I came, her without,
With nothing great to destruct our memories,
On the desolate benches I sit, my psyche out,
Waiting her call through amid intense worries,
By she, is truly where perfectly I belong,
Her nearness never posing any wrong

Every night I roll hoping by me she lies,
To partake of her warmth that never dies,
That her kiss that declares me lifeless,
That leaves me writhing thoughtless,
But I awake only a pillow in my arms,
My heart thundering like a regiment of drums!

I see the distance between us weather away,
Kilometers dwarfed into yards as I pray,
I raise my eyes and here you stand my love,
Bewitchingly cooing like a new born dove,
Soothingly caressing my disheveled beard,
The atmosphere growing spookily weird,
And in a heap I am coming down on you,
An everlasting bond known to few!

Published: 2009-02-14
Author: Aggrey Nzomo

About the author or the publisher
I am a graduate of Moi university kenya in Linguistics and Foreing languages. I am aged twenty two and a good narrative and descriptive writer. i currently write with an online company the i have with me finished poems and short stories. i also write sex episodes and i have four episodes so far. i am a single male of an African origin.

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