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The Phase Two of God's Kingdom Master Plan Unfold

2010, God's Kingdom Mater Plan, Seven nations,

From the year 2006 to 2010 and beyond is the time frame set for the implementation of God's Kingdom restoration plan towards the second coming of Jesus Christ from heaven.

The fulfillment of the prophecy of Prophet Goodnews Adolphus ranges from one to three and half years period before it start showing result. Some of his prophecy fulfills either within the very year or the following year and beyond. Other may take longer years. However, the three and half years is the official years duration being the official time frame set aside as to effect the fulfillment of most of his biblical prophecies predicted in Revelation chapter 11 about the 1,260 days which is the official three and half years time frame.

For example, the liberation of the blacks in the Apartheid South Africa predicted in 1986 took effect from 1989 to 1990 which forced P.W. Pika Botha to sick bed to hand over power Declerk his Deputy who released Dr Nelson Mandela from the prison and the conduction of general election which gave birth to fee democratic South Africa which is about thee and half years time frame.

The prediction of President Obasanjo to become the President of the new democratic Nigeria from the Military regime of late General Abacha of 1995 fulfilled in 1999 which is about three and half years time frame.

Although some of my long range prediction fulfilled within a period of seven years taking from the first three and half years as the first stage to another three and half years of another stage.


With effect from the year 2006 to the year 2010 and beyond, God's kingdom implementation plan will be in full force. The first seven countries include, Israel, Italy Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, the United States of America, South Africa and Nigeria.

Among the Seven nations, three will produce the leaders who is to produce the three top religious leaders who is to form the inner Cabinet with the biblical prophet. This include, Isreal, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

1). The government of Israel must stop conducting election. The government should hand over power to the Chief Rabbi of Israel representing Aaron who is to appoint the respective religions leaders from the various religious group which will include the Jews in Judaism, Christians and Muslims following the Guidelines of 2005: God's Kingdom Master Plan.

2) The Government of Italy, must hand over power to the Pope representing Apostle Peter like the former Papacy regime who is to rule with the various religious leaders of those in Judaism, Christianity and Islam respectively following the 2005 Master Plan in the election of leaders and must not only involve the Roman Catholic Priests unlike the past Papacy regime.

3). The Government of Saudi Arabia must also make sure that the Chief Imam of Saudi Arabia representing Prophet Muhammed rules who is to appoint the respective religious leaders involving the Arabs in Judaism and the Christians and not only the Muslims alone and should following the 2005 God's Kingdom Mater Plan in appointing the leaders.

The rest include:

4) The United States must handover power to the first religious head who is to appoint the respective religious leaders following the 2005 God's Kingdom Master Plan

5) The United Kingdom of Great Britain must handover power to the first religious head who is to appoint the respective religious leaders following the 2005 God's Kingdom Master Plan

6) The Republic of South Africa must handover power to the first religious head who is to appoint the respective religious leaders following the 2005 God's Kingdom Master Plan

7) The Federal Republic of Nigeria must handover power to the first religious head who is to appoint the respective religious leaders following the 2005 God's Kingdom Master Plan

The above seven nations will lead in the restoration of God's Kingdom restoration plan. In God's kingdom, they represent the seven horns and the Seven spirits of the Lamb working with the saints in the end-time while in the Antichrist regime it is the seven heads of the bests with ten horns. From the first seven nations it will later spread to the rest of the world as nations must join the train.


Note that P.W. PIKA BOTHA was forced to a sick bed to ensure that he handover power to Declerk his Deputy and to ensure that the oppressed blacks are freed according to my prediction of 1986.

On the issue of Nigeria my home country, Late General Sani Abacha and Chief M..K.O Abiola were forced to sleep to ensure that President Obasenjo emerge to rule with the rod of iron according to my prediction of 1995 which took effect from 1998 to 1999 etc.

I hereby use my prophetic office to advice Leaders of the above listed nations to comply to the above biblical directives from above effect from 2006 and beyond. This time not only the Leader will be affected by a plague but his entire family and the nation in particular as it happened to King Jehoram of old in the days of prophet Elijah before he was dethroned.

To obey is better than sacrifice of prayers and fasting that cannot avert. Be warned!

2 Chron. 21:12-20, Rev. 2:16, 5:1-end, 19:13-15, 17:1-end, Zec. 4:1-end, Isa. 11:4. 42:1-4, 52:14-15, Mal.4:4-6 & Isa 19:20.

The last Papacy regime, click on the link below

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Published: 2006-10-09
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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