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The Poetry of the Word

paradox, figure of speech , langauge of wind, dancing galaxies, symphony of stars

The Poetry of the Word

Word of God! Word of God!
How can I describe You?
To let all your creation know
Your power, majesty and splendor.

But I will try, I will try
Unworthy and imperfect as I

Word of God! Word of God!
You are a paradox beyond comprehension
the haberdasher of the grass and the wild flowers
the lesson of the fig tree
the delight of sinners and saints

Word of God! Word of God!
You are a figure of speech beyond imagination
the language of the wind, the sea and the storm
the music of Pleiades and dancing galaxies
the eyes of the sun, the ears of the moon
the symphony of the stars, the melody of the rains

Word of God! Word of God!
You are the science of the impossible
the aerodynamics of the bumblebee
the mathematics of the loaves
the signs and wonders of Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary
the chariot of Elijah, the staff of Moses

Word of God! Word of God
You travel faster than light
If I try to catch you with my hands
I cannot hold you even for a second
If I invite you into my heart
I can hold you as I desire

Word of God! Word of God!
You are free as the air
Yet more precious than the treasures of Solomon

Word of God! Word of God!
How can I describe you?

Word of God! Word of God!
You are the wisdom of Daniel
The songs of David.

You are the heart of my poetry!
You are the poetry of my heart!

You are the philosopy of life
You are the life of philosophy

Word of God! Word of God!
How can I describe You?
Published: 2006-06-23
Author: Apolo Jucaban

About the author or the publisher
Filipino, male, married,2 children, two grandsons.Education: A.B. English,in Literature; B.S. Geology; Master in Environmental Planning all taken from the University of the Phillipines post-graduate in Groundwater Development, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
Profession: More than 15 years in the government as project manager/director; about 25 years in as consultant,local & foreign assignments. Have various unpublished & published papers, technical reports, seminar papers.

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