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The Kenya police department joined the campaign against the disease in Kericho town when they held a three day camp at the Moi gardens park .They provided free testing for the disease and all the advice that is involved in this fight against the disease. There were to camps, one at the main Kericho police station while the other one was at the above mentioned park.

It was nice to see the police force lending a hand in such spheres of life especially in a place like the Kericho town where the force was seen with such a kind of thing last very many days ago and the thing was the foot ball that we used to play together at the Kericho green stadium ,otherwise they are too quiet.

There is a lot that the force can lend a hand in ,just to inform them ,sports being one of them and other social activities .This town is the home of the former premier league club ,Kericho all stars and it has also produced some of the countries best soccer stars that the country has ever seen .Believe or not ,the soccer legend Joe Masiga has his soccer origins in this town and there are many more have appeared on this countries highest levels of this game .

There is a lot of untapped talent in villages or the slum estates of this town .The youths do not have a place to utilize their talents in the game because the clubs that used to provide them with this chances do not exist any more .The police department can still lend a hand in this and provide the lovers of the game with a place to exploit their talents.

They could also still come to the villages and bring to the people much more about life than just the fight against this disease .If they can bring to them the education about the deadly STDs, why can’t they bring then the rest about family life .After all ,the department is a government organ ,there is nothing wrong if they went on with the rest about family life to the villages or the slums .

Educating the people on how to live with the law is one of them .IT would be very good if every youth in this country knew what to do in cases of emergencies instead of shying away from such cases or scenes .They ought to know what to do in cases of the law being broken, say during an attack on the people by armed robbers or such like things .At least they ought to be doing something about it and not Keeping quiet about it .

First aid is another thing .In this country ,only those who were lucky enough in the childhood to noticed the value of being a scout or girl guide managed to have a chance to know a thing or two about such things like first aid ,other wise ones we have grown up and become adults ,there’s is no other chance of knowing this unless people like the police department or the Kenya army or the other government organs come up with such programmers .Knowing something about first aid is really a very good thing and if they provided this chance to those who are interested in the villages or slums ,it would be a step ahead.

They could even mobilize the youths in the villages or slum estates of our cities and give them the help they that they need morally or psychologically , to help them to live good lives despites the economic and other sorts of problems that the country is faces .They could have a club of their own in the villages that will keep the unemployed youths together and make them realize the importance of living a good a decent life in stead of turning to drugs and the other things that they do take refuge in and to help them to utilize there spare time productively instead of spending it idly .They help the youth of this country to find other alternative ways of finding solutions to life’s problems instead of taking such extreme decisions as committing suicide or becoming crooks or turning to robbery and other severe behaviors of that kind .

Most of us after finishing schooling ,we become helpless before this world .They do not have any power for them to decide their own future so they go on depending on what those who came before them made for a future .But this does not take all the youths in the country . It takes only a very small percentage of them .So, If only some one could save them from loosing hope in life completely because of unemployment and provide them with the knowledge of how to mould a future without depending on employment it would do us so much good than the shying away from the police force that has existed since the country got it’s independence from the colonial masters.

The department deals mainly with the correction of behavior and making sure that the whole Kenyan population lives according to the Kenyan laws. Stretching force’s services up to this extend won’t harm anything at all .They could help the country to mould the youths in to responsible adults in their lives by educating them through such groupings.

They could even inform them on how to become good parents in their future lives through such groupings .The problem in the villages is always how to get this chances or facilities .And Money has also always been the problem .What could be wrong if the force did this.

So there is quite a lot that the force can help the existing organs of the government to archive just to add on what they are doing in this town .However, the force deserves congratulations for every thing that they attempted towards that direction .It was a very good try and may things work out success fully towards that direction.
Published: 2008-09-20
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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