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The power of positive thinking

uses of positive thinking

As we all know human mind is the most complicated and complex of all the other living beings.Human beings are endowed with the unique power of thinking and reasoning coupled with self-awareness along with conscience.Each individual is capable of producing amazing results with the infinite potential of the human mind but how many of us actually use it to the maximum to derive that benefit?

Usually it is observed that we spent more than half of our lives dwelling about the past or worrying abt the future but in the process forget to enjoy the present.Out mind is engaged in such wasteful pursuits that all the positive energy is washed away leaving behind negative thoughts in the form of worries,fear and ill feelings abt things that cannot be changed or which is not in our hands.

It’s we ourselves who are responsible for what we are today.Our thinking is the core which controls our feelings and in turn our actions and most importantly our reaction to a given situation .Imagine a scenario where you are caught up in a bad traffic jam and you are tired and want to reach your destination quickly.What do you do in such a given situation?There are two ways to handle this situation either you get angry,yell at others and spoil your mood and curse the bad traffic or the bad management.Else you remain calm,look around,wait patiently and listen to your favourite music on the radio and think that there is nothing better which can help you at this moment than waiting for the traffic to clear.

If you opted the first means,probably you would end up been more angry and stressful and show all your anger and frustration elsewhere which is definitely not fair.Whereas if you opted the second probably you will be quite normal and will be able to accomplish your task.This is nothing but a response to the stimulus.The stimulus been the environment in this given situation and the response if your negative/positive reaction to a given situation.

Definitely it’s always not possible to be calm and quiet but if we apply the principle of positive thinking as and when possible we may be able to avert a lot of unpleasant situations in our life.

There are many such occurrences in our daily lives and it is for us to understand how we can make our lives better by putting into practise this art of positive thinking.

If our attitude is positive,we are bound to experience enhanced possitivity in our work and get positive results.This requires daring to dream big and working towards our goals.Once we set our goals we are sure of our destination.Only what remains is to design the road to achieve the path to our destination.Failures are bound to happen but it’s important to rise to the occasion and move ahead in life learning from our past experiences with a positive frame of mind.

Most importantly positivity is infectious,the more we apply to oourselves the more we spread to people associated with us.This is because usually people get easily attracted to someone who can give them some possible hope and help in making their lives better.So stop….ponder about this the next time you get stuck up at a traffic signal !

Published: 2007-03-27
Author: shobha

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