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The Power of Words: How Powerful Words Can Be

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Words have a very powerful effect on people.

Most commonly, those of great impact come from men and women who we deem to be worth listening to because of who they are and what they have been able to achieve. We recognize the impact of the words of intelligent men, people with stature, and people with the ability to speak passionately – with their flowery words and mastery over oratory and diction. We appreciate their intricate use of language to convey whatever message they want to express. From speeches to poems to songs and others, words really do evoke a certain feeling among people.

But how about the common day-to-day words we speak? People often take for granted the power of words. We fail to recognize the impact of every single thing that we utter to our fellowmen. People may at times absent-mindedly say something without really thinking about it first. They tend to instantly blurt out the first thing that comes to their minds, without really thinking if it was the proper thing to say at that moment.

One may utter a joke about somebody, be it in a funny context. That person can always say that it was just a joke and that jokes are half-meant. If the person to whom it is directed reacts negatively, he may be branded as being over-sensitive. But shouldn’t people be sensitive to the feelings of others?

The impact of a single word said in hate or anger may be greater than that of any physical blow given. Physical pain will heal, but the pain from harsh words may last a lifetime.

Therefore, when speaking, always be kind in your words. Here are some important things proving how powerful words can be that we should always remember:

1. The impact of a word given as lie destroys relationships that nothing can actually repair and make whole again. So be truthful in any way you can.

2. The impact of a single word said in love has greater weight than dozens of flowers given. If you love someone, say it. Say it and mean every word.

3. The impact of a word given to inspire may move a man to go beyond his abilities to achieve something great. Give a person hope and he can achieve the impossible.

4. The impact of a word given in thanks is worth more than any act done in return or any payment given. It forms a bond so strong that nothing will be able to break it.

So, we should all be careful with what we say and how we say it. Remember, words spoken can never ever be taken back.
Published: 2009-05-23
Author: Heide Lynne Canlas

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a blogger, writer, editor, author, SEO specialist, and marketer sideline-ing as a QA officer.

so when i notice something wrong with what you say or do and ask you to correct it, sorry..i'm just so used to doing my job :D

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