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The Promised Land of Ishmael and Isaac

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Both Ishmael and Isaac has no land of their own which they are occupying today. The land of Saudi Arabia which the Ishmaelite occupied and that of the Palestine which Israel occupied originally belong to other countries in the Middle East.

The book of Genesis being an actual historical events and not a prophecy reveals that God called Abraham out of his father's country to show him a another land belonging to another country(ies) which his descendants will occupy; and he obeyed and left his father's land along with Sarah, Lot and Hagar the Egyptian maid. God said that he will bless him and multiply his descendants who shall be a blessing to the people of the earth. God sealed the covenant he made with him through the circumcision of the flesh which include every male born to him and his male slaves. Therefore, Ishmael and Isaac were circumcised including Abraham.God said, "bless be everyone who blesses you and curse be everyone who curse you"(Genesis chapter 12)

Abraham original country home was UR of Chaldians being the home country of Terrah his Father. While Abraham was in the Land of Canaan, God told him that his descendants will occupy the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession. This will fulfill through Isaac descendants and that as for Ishmael being part of that covenant God said he will bless him and will become great nations. When Ishmael was some few months in his mother's womb Hagar, the angel of the Lord also told her of the land Ishmael was to occupy in a wilderness which belong to another country just as we have deserts, territorial waters, wilderness so many which are not occupied yet but belong to another country and not originally his father's or mother's land. His mother's land was Egypt and his Father's land was UR of Chaldians. Neither Abraham, Isaac nor Ishmael could return to their father's land as a result of the covenant of leaving his father's land to another land in foreign country(ies)for an everlasting possession whose covenant was sealed by circumcision. Therefore every Muslim and Chritains of the Abrahamic faith living in the Middle East with Israel is bond by this covenant.

Ishmael occupying a wilderness land with the mysterious well of living water as stated in Genesis also agrees to what was written in the Hadith of Prophet Mohammed as a shadow of the past event quite similar to what is stated in Genesis being a prophecy.

Having occupying such place, God knew that Ishmael descendants will face stiff opposition from the original owners of the land they occupied when they begin to multiply and prosper in the land as part of the Abrahamic covenant of prospertity. Therefore in Genesis while Ishmael was right in his mother's womb, the Angel of the Lord told Hagar that Ishmael whose name he will be called, will be a WILD ASS. His hand against everyman and everyman's hand against him and will live against his kinsmen(Genesis chapter 16)

Base on the prophecy of being a "WILD ASS - HIS HAND AGAINST EVEYONE AND EVERYONE HAND AGAIN HIM" other ancient historical data could give us more information on the tribal wars being fought by the Ishmaelite as they multiplied and prosper in the land which is not indicated in the holy bible but only indicate the tribal wars fought by Isaac descendants during the conquest of the Land of Canaan which they occupied today.

Therefore as A WILD ASS, Ishmael descendants overpowered their enemies and settled in the land which is known today as Saudi Arabia whose warrior nature was manifested through Prophet Mohammed a descedant of Ishmeel being the great Islamic Warrior and the King of Jihad, the WILD ASS OF ISHMAEL as predicted in Genesis in the days of old.


Abraham while living in the land of Canaan got a vision that his descendant will be oppressed in a foreign country for four hundred years and will bring them out with great possession to occupy the land of Canaan(Genesis Chapter 15).

To fulfill the prophecy,Isaac gave birth to Jacob called "Israel" who gave birth to Joseph who was sold to the Ishmael merchants of slave trade who bought him with twenty pieces of silver and sold him to Portiva in Egypt and later was imprisoned from prison became a great ruler in Egypt. God struck the land of Canaan with famine which forced his brothers to go to Egypt to buy corn and in Egypt Joseph introduced himself to them as being their very flesh and blood they sold. He then ordered that all of them and his father should come over to Egypt to stay and they now left the land of Canaan in larger number and move over to Egypt and became enslaved for four hundred and thirty years after the death of Joseph. Then Moses, Aaron, Joshua and Caleb were commissioned to fight and bring them to the promised land.


Now Ishmael living in Saudi Arabia spoke Arabic; according to the Hadith, his mother being an Arab from Egypt taught him Arabic which was the original language of his kinsmen because the book of Genesis says he lived over his kinsmen which is opposite Egypt when they multiplied.

So since they could speak Arabic with their fellow Arabians, they see themselves as members of the same family although they could still be land disputes causing tribal wars among fellow Arabs and we see it still happing in the Middles East in this days just as it happed in Israel in the days of old.

But the Jew still maintain the Hebrew language of Abraham for the fact that Isaac grew up with his parents who spoke Hebrew unlike the Ishmaelites and the language was passed on to Isaac descendants. Also they discourage inter-marriages with neighboring Arab women and will go several miles away to marry their fellow Hebrew kinsmen as they did to Isaac except Esau and Joseph who married to Arab women before they came out of Egypt. Abraham too had concubines such as Ketura an Arab after the death of Sarah but he sent those children born with her away from Isaac so that they do not have any inheritance to share with Isaac. Above all, uncircumcision among Arab men apart from the Ishmaelite become another problem. Marrying or having things in common with them seen to them as a great abomination and they have strong heated for them so the Arabs see them as racist since they did not regard them as fellow human beings. So the Jews still maintained their Hebrew language, culture and traditions before they moved down to Egypt with Jacob who was very old. While in Egypt they lived in Goshen as a Jewish community while their culture, tradition and language was still maintained as it is till today in addition to the Mosaic laws being practiced by serious members of Judaism while some disobey like in the case of Islam and Christainity.

If not the earlier separation of Ishmael from Isaac, the Ishmelites would all have spoken the very Hebrew language being the original language of Abraham.


The reason is that it was a promised land to Abraham and his descendants and was sealed by the covenant of circumcision which include Ishmael as a witness whose descendant Prophet Muhammed was the author of the Holy Koran and Ishmael was also given his own share of the cake by living in another promised land as a result of the separation which is today known as Saudi Arabia whose holy city is called "MECCA" being the centre of the Islamic world while that of Isaac was called "Jerusalem" who was originally the first Mecca and Islamic capital before it shift to Mecca according to Islamic historians and is being regarded today as the second most holy city of Islam after Mecca and today the" DOOM OF THE ROCK" being the Islamic Mosque is built there beside the original site of King Solomon's temple as the occupation of the Holy site had been shifted over to Ishmael in accordance with the prophecy of Jesus Christ in Matthew chapter 23 while a central temple of the Jews, Christians and Muslims will be built in another location in foreign county and no more in Israel until after the Millennium reign as detailed in my past articles.

Therefore base on the covenant of circumcision, Ishmael and Isaac decendants cannot return to the original home of Abraham in the ancient Land of Chaldians because of the covenant God made with Abraham and his descendants. This covenant is binding to circumcised Jews, Christians and Moslem living in the middle east sharing the Abrahamic faith irrespetive of their religion.

Therefore asking Israel to return to their father's original land then it means you are also asking the Ishmaelite in Saudi Arabia to return to Either Egypt or the Ur of Chaldians. Both parties cannot leave their possessions because it is assign to Abraham and his descendants for an everlasting possession.

In attempt to evacuate them by force in this end-times then the God of Abraham will fight and defend them when they whole heartedly call on him. he will remember the covenant he made with Abraham and will execute his judgment without delay.


Published: 2007-02-11
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

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Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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