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The Promotion of National Unity Depends On the Enhancement of National Economic Strength

Tibet Economy

Tragedy struck humanity again

It has almost been seven years since the whole world last witnessed the 911 terror attack against the United States. When people seem just about to let go of the hurt and gradually recover from the inflictions that the catastrophic aggression had brought about, this inhuman disaster suddenly befell Tibet and its innocent residents as well as all Chinese people around the world.

Before March 14th, there was not any omen implicating that a massacre was actually on the way to strike Tibet. Retailers doing business, lama preaching, children going to school, everything seemed utterly ordinary until the burning, murdering, robbery and grabbing of the Lama mobs suddenly occurred. Sun Pingjiang, a retailer who had been running a Tibet ornament shop erenow near the Xiaozhao Temple in Tibet was brutally chopped in limbs by a gang of Tibet thugs when he just stepped out of his jewelry store as usual. Mr. Sun was just one of the thousand innocent victims that had been attacked for no reason by the Lama rioters who finally turned out to have been instigated by Dalai Lama who had always been attempting to divide China by seeking Tibetan independence.

Different attitudes and responses from different countries

Both people of the two nations have gone through similar misfortunes in that they were deprived of their lives, their homes and their national dignity. However, Chinese people are definitely suffering more, because the riots happened in Tibet is even more destructive than the 911 incident since we are preparing for the 2008 Olympics. Despite the fact that many foreign countries have shown profound sympathy to our victims and great resentment to the ruthless rioters, there are some countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France who publicly go against China by financing Dalai Lama. Why would these countries risk turning hostile with China, since it is widely realized that Dalai Lama is not only a religious figure, but also a long time political exile who is engaged in activities aimed at splitting the motherland and sabotaging national unity?

Reflections on the split attitudes and China’s current economic situation

It is self-evident that promoting harmony in relations between political parties, between ethnic groups, between religions, between social strata, and between our compatriots at home and overseas plays an irreplaceable role in enhancing unity and pooling strengths of our nation. However, economy as crucial factor is somehow overlooked. We need to take a comprehensive approach to the above question and attach great significance to national economy. Both Tibet and Olympic Games are just excuses for the European countries to suppress China’s thriving economy.

For example, the devaluation of American dollar led to the relative appreciation of Renminbi, which consequently caused higher costs of export products of China. What was worse, many Chinese exporters became less competitive and failed to survive in the severe impact on the nation’s export trade.

Therefore, economy is fatally influencing China’s stability and the attitudes other countries take towards it. If we really want to keep our motherland safe and sound, to make it strong enough to withstand any unpredictable attack from both domestic reactionaries and abroad evil powers, first of all we have to enhance our own economic strength and support our home made goods and enterprises. This is excellently instanced by, a perfect platform for Chinese export to develop smoothly with fewer obstacles through internet technology.
We believe that as long as our country is economically independent and strong, no one could ever split us.
Published: 2008-05-07
Author: ellie

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