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The Quest


I have been watching the movie under the above titled since my childhood and I can’t even remember well the time when the movie was produced but in our video houses and especially in Kenya, it is as if the movie was produced today in the morning. It unbelievably pulls huge crowds of the new generation of movie fans perhaps more than it even used to do during our time .The young people enjoy every bit of the movie. They like the work of the main actor and everyone who took part in the making of the movie.

The movie could be up to ten or more years old but it feels to the movie fans as if it was made today. Most movies fade out of their funs memories after such a length of time, but this one and the other movies that were acted by Jean Claude van dame seem to be doing the opposite to movie funs.

A good example of this kind of movies is the star wars movies. These movies didn’t even reach in to the parts of this world that we lived in during the time that they were made. They only reached in the capital cities and therefore those people who were lucky to be born or to live in the capita l cities at that time were the only ones watched them. It was only recently that we started seeing them again rise on the Internet as electronic computer games, otherwise not all of us did watch the star wars movie and those that came in to existence with them like that one which was called THE BLUES BROTHERS that was acted by Jack Arkroyd and John Belushi are gone out of our memories long time ago, They are not even on the shelves of the movie libraries and yet The Quest still sticks in to our memories and continues to attract more fans than ever before.

The Quest talks about a man and his son who traffic vehicles on their boat in the oceans illegally. They then meet the coast guard, they are then forced to throw the vehicles into the water just to save themselves from being caught by the coast guards .By the time they start doing this, the coast guard is already sounding the alarm for them to stop and wait for inspection by the coast guard. They are left with no option apart from running away .The movie goes on, the young man and his father part and the young man joins a cargo ship crew, the ship is then attacked by pirates and the pirates like him for his good fighting. Somewhere in the pirates destinations in the far eastern parts of this world, news reaches them that a worldwide fight has been organized by the gods of martial arts and other kinds of fighters and the pirates accept to help the you man to reach to the place where the fight were to held, the place was called THE LOST CITY.

The competition attracted all the champion fighters from around the world. They came to represent their regions in their kinds of fighting and the star represented the west.

The young mans pirate friends are caught while they are trying to steal the competitions top prize, a dragon, made of pure gold. They are sentenced to death by their host for severe sacrilege but the star, Jean Claude Van Dame, succeeded in persuading their host in to accepting him to pay for their freedom by winning over his opponent and their host keeping the trophy and if he lost, then he would do as he wished .HE wins miraculously in finals over someone no one could expect some of his size could beat and they have their freedom.
Published: 2008-04-13
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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