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The Rapaille Institute

rapaille institute

Its name [the Rapaille Institute] comes from the psychologist Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille, who is studying “cultural archetypes”. They’ve used his work to create marketing promotions for merchandise, to arrange the level of valued proposals, and to help identify essential elements in customer fidelity, collaboration, and leadership.

Dr. Rapaille evokes that we tend to be driven at three different areas. Firstly, we have the cerebral level dealing with the “intellectual alibi”—as Rapaille would say— taken into account for why we do whatever it is that we do. Next, we have the reptilian level which “would appeal to the individual’s survival instinct.” Finally, at the limbic degree, we do one thing and do it over again based on our first experiences from when we were really little kids.

His theory explains how we need understand as much as possible relating to people’s limbic reaction means in order to locate our items, benefits, suggestions, or manners correctly to inspire and appoint them”. Rapaille’s “cultural archetyping” methodology is a way to come across and predetermine people’s limbic reactions. AT&T for instance is trying to achieve the impossible, reaching for the stars, learning from mistakes, and being supported by the “older brother” figure.

Rapaille’s method for finding and training artistic models implies arranging representative assemblies to assign in a succession of debating skills.
Published: 2006-05-14
Author: Lucille Dana

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