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The satanic faith

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The messengers of the devil

Among the most noticeable events of the ancient and pre-medieval history is the advent of new religions. It is possible that religions during those days played the role of technology during the contemporary age. The most striking aspects being that most religions that took birth was that essentially monotheistic. In India during the last centuries before Christ were born two faiths that they were essentially against the vedic system. They were Buddhism and Jainism. These two faiths preached that all humans are same. They were the leading proponents of non-voilence before the advent of Christianity. The notion of God in these two religions was replaced by the concept of innate goodness of human beings. It is possible that these religions both in theory and concept were influenced by the Persian Zoroastrian religion. We hear of no divine communication with its founders namely Gautama Buddha and Mahavira and also any one book that contain the fundamental aspects of these religions. We know that they preached against the vedic sacrifices and the caste system. They emphasized more on family values and also were much clergy oriented and also creedal. In short they were everything which the ancient vedic system was not.

There is a limit in one individual preaching the rest. This is both in terms of time as well as number. With regards to the divine, is it possible at all for any one to claim that the almighty prefers to communicate to him and him alone and that the rest are to follow him? The answer is no. God does not distinguish between a prince and a pauper or a child and a grown up for all his creations. I have always believed that the ones who preach faiths are more in the direction of building a human resource inventory and gaining political power in the name of almighty rather than gaining solace. It is also true that many of these "prophets" started out by preaching in prisons and taking those who might have been actually criminals into their fold. They are also known to have recruited political adversaries.One does not require a guru to give up bad habits, one does not require a guru to eschew violence and lead a life of peace. No group can have a final say on what is good or what is bad for the rest.

The worst of them all was Islam. It is nothing but a pernicious set of lies, wickedness, evil et all merged to form a creed. It is not as much the proselytizing nature of this creed, that worries the virtuous as its sponsorship for evil. If its not sponsoring evil directly it is definitely acting to prevent the virtuous from becoming stronger. It aims at controlling populace by creating a loathsome system based entirely on relationships. It is possible that prophet Muhammad is so far the wickedest person who has ever lived.This evil has to be destroyed at all costs. By destruction I mean the annihilation of all associated evil irrespective of caste , creed, language,religion, age etc which are only its impermanent attributes. The most observed characteristic of lie is its speed. A rumour spreads far quicker than a confirmed information. Its reach is also farther and wider . A proverbial joke has it that “By the time truth gets up and puts on its shoes lie flies”. As though to validate those observations we can see that the very many things that are associated with speed have long been found in the lands of Islam. It is known that the climate of middle east was very suitable for breeding of horses, a prominent means of high speed transport during previous ages. More recently petroleum based fuel that is the crucial ingredient of high speed transport is very abundant in the deserts of middle east. The comparison drawn may be very crude and also un-intellectual and irrational but this coincidence may be a divine pointer to the base of evil.

Published: 2008-02-13
Author: K Sethu Madhavan

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A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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