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The secret behind the success of the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight, Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight begins with a fresh start for the protagonist, Isabella “Bella” Swan, who moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father Charlie, while her mother Renee travels with her new husband Phil. There’s always something fascinating, something interesting about new beginnings. We all love new beginnings because they give us a fresh start, another chance to do things differently, as does Twilight. The beginning of Twilight instantly makes the reader want to find out what happens next. In case of Twilight, a reader is curious about the fate of the shy, spotlight-hating teenager when she moves to a new place, climatically opposite of where she’d stayed earlier with her mother. Does she adjust well in the new rainy town? Is she able to make new friends? What happens to her? These are only some of the myriad questions that occur to the reader at the beginning of Twilight.

Most of the readers of Twilight, particularly teenagers, can identify with Bella Swan as she goes through her first day at school – new faces, the anxiety, strangers all around, new teachers and some things that remain a mystery to her, and to the readers, for some time. The Cullens for example. The extraordinarily beautiful, angelic and intriguing Cullen family – Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie and Edward Cullen. Twilight’s reader wonders as much as Bella, if not more, about the reason behind Edward’s apparent dislike, even repulsion towards her, while she’s hopelessly attracted towards him. The curiosity keeps the reader hooked to Twilight, until the legends of the vampires and the werewolves are revealed by Bella’s best friend Jacob Black. From that point on, the appeal behind Twilight takes a whole new dimension as Stephenie Meyer takes us through the wondrous, magical world of vampires. As Bella Swan falls in love with Edward Cullen in Twilight, she learns of his world, of the vampires, their special powers, their needs, their diet and the laws that govern them. Stephenie Meyer slows entraps her Twilight readers in the inescapable web of magic and intrigue, which only fortifies its hold on the reader as he goes from Twilight to New Moon to Eclipse to Breaking Dawn, the final instalment of the Twilight saga.

More significant to the success of Twilight than the intrigue created by the intricate, magical world of vampires and werewolves, is the profound emotion of love which drips from every page and every word of the Twilight saga. The first person narrative by Bella Swan only makes the emotion in Twilight more compelling, more believable and very, very endearing. There probably wouldn’t be too many sane people in the world who do not, covertly or overtly, yearn for the kind of love shared by Edward and Bella of Twilight. The Twilight narrative is so convincing that the reader finds himself happy when Bella meets Edward, sad when she misses him, angry when she’s hurt and hopeful when Bella waits for Edward to return. It is interesting to watch the games Edward and Jacob play to win Bella in the third book in the Twilight series, Jacob’s audacity and cockiness, even when he knows Bella loves Edward more. Most people have experienced love in their lives, and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight makes them relive their moments of love. This, in my view, is what makes Twilight an astounding success. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight strongly connects with her readers on an emotional level and that’s a connection that’s hard to shake.
Published: 2009-11-29
Author: Kanika Gupta

About the author or the publisher
Kanika Gupta holds an engineering degree from PEC, Chandigarh and an MBA in Marketing/IT from IMT, Ghaziabad. She is working in the Consulting division of a leading Indian IT company in Bangalore. Kanika has extensive experience in writing business proposals, reports, white papers and web content. An avid reader of books and socio-political magazines, she writes articles on current affairs and has a penchant for fiction writing, with her first novel releasing next year.

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