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The simple truth


We have all wished at some point in our lives that we could be somebody else either a person we looked up to and want to emulate, or just somebody different, a more appealing reflection of ourselves when we look in the mirror. We wish for a better life, more money which for most people is to allow them to indulge more in their superficialities than aid in ending world hunger I must add but to get back, a more perfect body, a more secure relationship, you know things we think would make our lives a whole lot better.

This I must say is pretty natural given our predisposed nature to want for better things. Resultantly at times, we even set goals towards achieving them. We condition our minds to think about who and what we want to be if not for anything else but just to reaffirm with much conviction what Decartes said, “I think therefore I am” although I tend to think that his statement was inclined to a more philosophical niche than motivational one but am sure you all catch my drift “power of positive thinking”. However what we may fail to realise is that in our quest to perfect our lives which we have time and time again etched into our minds are in every sense imperfect we lose sight of who we are.

Consequently, this translates to the miserable, pitiful existence that is our current state of being. However more importantly to note is that by my touching on the subject of who we are, I must emphasise that I do not refer to what we have, what job title we hold or how smart our intellect says we are, but what lies beneath. I believe we humans are like gifts in a gift box. What we see is but a mere gift wrapping. I must say some of you may judge a bit too harshly of what am about to say but I do concur with Gandhi when he said “if one is to speak the truth one must leave elegance to the tailor”.

More often than not, what we present is a false image which we see as more acceptable just as utopia is much preferred to our current world but is merely a pseudo reality, something that may only be pleasant to look at from the outside but may not be as it seems. I believe, just like any sought after truth, to be able to comprehend it with crystal clarity, we must go deeper, remove the wrapping, open the gift box to expose what is inside and examine the contents, for therein lies the truth value, the true sense of being that tells us THIS IS WHO I REALLY AM.

Therefore the next time we fixate on the person we wan to be, we must allow ourselves first and foremost to look inside the gift box, ask ourselves if we like what is inside. Take the time to evaluate before we lose sight of who we are and we maybe pleasantly surprised that by simply gaining hold of the simple understanding of what lies within, we can pretty much determine who we can be. Simplicity at its best I believe.

Written by Miriam Wangari Muritu
Published: 2008-09-01
Author: miriam muritu

About the author or the publisher
am a holder of a Bachelors degree in Education-Literature and Linguistics, i am currently a freelancwriter

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