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The Source of Our Identiy

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We are told on a daily basis of our roots, our past, where we come from. All of them are different ideas; created by God, in the form of Adam, evolved from primates, most notably chimpanzees. We take pride in ourselves, thinking that we are the special creation of God, or the most highly evolved species.

Whatever you believe, there is no denying it: we are unique, and we are special.

But what is it that gives us this individuality? What is it that sets us apart from the rest of nature, and the rest of the world? It's our ability to think for ourselves, to create. Our creativity sets us apart as a beautiful species, that brings us together, and unites us as one.

There is no other species that can create an idea, no other species that can choose right from wrong, no other species that is aware of emotions that run deep into their souls, and defines them as having consiousness that is alert, able to make informed desicians, and not act on pure and basic instinct.

We are a unique and gifted species, with the abilty of the power of choice. We can chose to create, to make things better or worse, and go against what we feel deep inside. how many animals do you know that are able to do that?

We should be embracing this idea, embracing the possibilites, not arguing over whos right, but admiring the differences between us. We are so incredibly complex and diverse, it is a thing of beauty, not somethat needs to be overcome.

Creativity is the source of our identity.
Published: 2007-04-14
Author: Lisa Cheetham

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