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The Spiritual Garden

garden spiritual gardens gardening

Many people find working in the garden a richly rewarding experience, but is it possible that tending fertile plots can bring benefits of a fourth dimensional variety? Recent testimonies suggest that efforts in the garden can produce not only a healthy crop, but also nourishment for the grower too, in many intangible ways.

Any kind of work in the garden can mean an aching back, dirty broken fingernails, and contact with a plethora of slimy creatures, but many people are also becoming aware of the “feel good” factor as the result of a day spent toiling in the muck. Apart from the obvious benefits of being in the fresh air, and creating a colourful haven for relaxation or entertaining, something else appears to be happening which is worthy of closer inspection.

Both the ancient mystics, and more modern philosophers, tell of how contact with mother earth can energise and replenish the soul, but their wisdom has often been dismissed as being indecipherable to the five senses people are used to relying upon. In addition, it is easy to visualise contact with nature involving trekking up a mountain carrying a month’s supplies, or slaving in the garden in all weathers complete with chilblains and Rudolph’s red nose. Having to tend the garden is often just another tedious job on the list of chores. In recent years, however, gardening has enjoyed a surge in popularity, as more and more people are bitten by the bug, resulting in little havens of beauty and tranquillity being created in our own backyards. So what’s it all about?

It would appear that there has been a lack of simple ways to experience true contact with nature and creativity. Humans are living beings and so are the inhabitants of our garden. It would make sense to think that as people nurture the garden, so the garden lovingly gives nurturing back.

The scientific explanation is photosynthesis, the process by which plants create their own food. Human beings exhale carbon dioxide, which is an essential element in plant food production, so talking to the greenery provides them with large doses, rather than being a sign
of approaching insanity. In return plants give off oxygen into the atmosphere, which fills the lungs and is essential to the breathing process. Clearly from a biological point of view, there is a mutual back scratching exercise going on.

Beyond this, however, there appears to be something more mystical about the whole process. It cannot be seen, heard, touched, smelt, or tasted, but it hangs in the air enveloping us nonetheless, and is most tangible in the intuitions and emotions.

There are schools of thought that suggest it is possible to discharge stress into the ground and plant life, purely by fingertip contact and conscious thought. Several books have been written, including personal accounts of how this process works. Those who have studied and explored deeper spiritual phenomena, and written about their experiences, suggest even more positive benefits in the form of a field of energy surrounding both plants and human beings. Some people testify that they can see this in the form of an aura, a field of light that surrounds beautiful garden blooms and foliage. This aura is present around human beings as well, and it is believed that if we can bring ourselves into wholeness with growing things then we become spiritually connected to the larger picture of the universe and its inhabitants.

The results are feelings of lightness, buoyancy, and a clarity of thought and direction in life which were previously unattainable. Who knows what is happening when mere mortals, spade in hand, seem to find clarity seeping into befuddled brains. It would appear that far more than tenacious weeds are being unearthed in the process.

There appears to be, in today’s society, a growing restlessness and dissatisfaction with seeking material success alone, and at the same time there is awareness that growing things nurtures the soul, and the spirit, leaving a sense of well being which has to be experienced to be understood. The whole process possesses an almost magnetic quality.

So next time work in the garden is on the agenda as the drudgery of the day, and there is a suitable pause to smell the roses, or wipe the sweat from a heated brow, remember things are no always what they seem. Remaining open to the possibilities could open the door to a lifetime experience!!
Published: 2006-06-10
Author: Jennifer Parker

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