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the story of me

ordinary me, grateful

This is a story about me, an ordinary girl living an ordinary life, in a not so ordinary world. I was born in a nondescript little village in a sleepy city on the second day of August 1984. Being the first born to a loving couple, I was showered with love by them. For five years, I enjoyed the peaceful little world I built around myself. Five years passed and my mother gave birth to a little baby girl. She is my sister. She grew up trotting behind me, trying to follow me in everything that I do-- and I was proud of the way things were.

I went to school, found new friends, forged alliances, and created enemies. To make things short, I grew up. The world opened up before me. In awe, I grasped everything as though I was running out of time to let nature run its course, so to speak. I rushed and rushed until things started to get blurry around me. My family, my friends, my life dissolved, and all that existed was me.

I went through elementary and high school, and I did well. Nevertheless, I know deep inside that I could have done my best. Being young and carefree gave me the illusion that the world was always ready to help me up when I fall, or maybe I thought I would never fall… maybe that was what I thought.

But college came and woke me up to reality. The reality that life is not about candies and toys, that it is about sweat and tears, about gaining and losing. I see now that I am just an ordinary me, living my ordinary life, and seeing that I am just an insignificant speck in this vast world, and that somehow, I should be grateful. Yes, I am grateful.
Published: 2006-07-05
Author: christine joan

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