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The Success Story of Sir Richard Branson

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The place - the UK. The period - the late sixties. This is the story of a 17-year-old boy who was a rebel at school. The school's rules were rigid and it made the boy claustrophobic. The boy wanted to break free his mind. This boy soon started an amateur students' paper which circulated not just in his own school, but also among students of other nearby schools. His mother gave him four dollars to start with. The paper quickly became popular among students of other schools too. The boy sold advertising space to major corporations. His paper carried articles on rock stars, movie actors, politicians and intellectuals. Though it was not of any literary value, it reflected the young boy's enthusiasm and entrepreneurship.

The boy was very eager to make this paper a growing business. His only companion in this venture was his dear buddy Johnny James. Seeing his burning enthusiasm to do something, the Headmaster of Stowe congratulated him and said, "I can predict that one day you will either go to prison or become a millionaire."

In 1970 the boy set up a mail-order business, and started selling records by mail. The boy was successful and quickly turned his record-mailing business into a record shop. A couple of years later, in 1972, the young enthusiast boy started manufacturing records. But what would be the name of the company? His partner in his record manufacturing business Nick happened to say "We are all virgins in this business." They christened the company ‘Virgin Records'. I am talking about Sir Richard Branson , better known as the Virgin Boss. Richard Branson is perhaps the most charismatic individual when it comes to the top corporate heads of international fame. Known for his maverick business strategies and untraditional ways, Sir Richard Branson, who appeared in several TV shows including Baywatch, was born in the UK on July 18, 1950.

Richard Branson believes in some simple strategies, like:
• Size does matter; you need to challenge and compete with big brands to become big yourself.
• Take it easy, mix fun with work.
• Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
• Haggling is possible in every business - it brings down prices.
• Be camera / media- friendly.
• Mingle like a common man, go ahead like a bullet.

The £ 3 billion Empire of Richard Branson, the Virgin boss, is a result of numerous success stories. Virgin Records saw their first success with Mike Oldfield's ‘Tubular Bells' that became a best-selling record. After this, the company moved ahead swiftly, sometimes being drawn into controversies. It had to be sold to EMI in 1992 to generate money in order to keep the airline business running. It is said that Richard Branson cried after the company was sold, but he soon started V2 Records, another music brand. In 1984 Sir Richard Branson started his flagship brand Virgin Atlantic Airways to compete with British Airways. Sir Richard Branson then went on to start more airline brands such as Virgin Express, Virgin Nigeria and Virgin America (2006). Sir Richard Branson launched Virgin Mobile in 1999 and Virgin Blue (in Australia) in 2000. Other brands from him were Virgin Trains, Virgin Cola, Virgin Vodka, and Virgin Lottery.

In 1993 Sir Richard Branson, the millionaire Virgin boss, won a double lawsuit against British Airways and won a huge money of £ 610,000 which he divided among his employees. In 1993, Sir Richard Branson received an honorary Doctorate degree from Loughborough University, although Sir Richard Branson had quit conventional studies at the age of 17. In 1999, the Queen awarded him knighthood. In 2004, Sir Richard Branson announced the launch of Virgin Galactic, a company that will take travelers to outer space, as part of space tourism, beginning late 2007. Sir Richard Branson continues to enjoy every piece of his success, living life king-size, and adding new feathers to his crown every day.

So, what's the moral of the story?

When we try to analyze why some people become wealthy from scratch, and others become paupers from millionaires, the answers escape us. It seems one of those mysteries of the universe. It is also very mysterious how self-made millionaires mostly win back everything they had once lost - if such people lose their money in business, they often win back much more in no time and cover up their losses.

If we use the analytical skills of Sherlock Holmes and try to solve the above mysteries, we will soon realize that the basic difference between these two categories of people is in their minds, in the way they think. In more technical terms, the difference is in their money-map, the map that guides every human being either to Aladdin's magic lamp or to financial doom. It is something that every human being has within him. Unfortunately, very few people are able to decipher this map. And this is the reason why 90% of people fail to achieve financial freedom. How many people do not need to think twice before ordering the choicest dishes at a decent restaurant on a weekend with the family? And show me those who do not bother to look at the price tag while shopping, who just smile and instruct the salesgirl to "just pack it, please". Such people are uncommon because they come in the other 10%. They are the ones who have been able to decipher, understand and follow the hidden money-map of their minds. King-size and ordinary-size people do not look different and are not made of any special material. The good Lord has made us all the same, the only major difference between the two categories is in the way they handle the money-map that is in their minds.

It is the same money blueprint that pulls them up when disaster strikes. Do you think king-size people never run into financial trouble? Chances are that they run into deeper financial trouble than most others. Dealing with their millions and billions, they are likely to face financial crises of towering proportions. Let us take for example Sir Richard Branson. Was his financial journey a smooth one? I wish it had been so, but it wasn't.

Richard Branson was often ridiculed by the media, especially the print media, for his irrational strategies. He had launched Virgin Cola and Virgin Vodka, which received cold response from the market. But his greatest failure was Virgin Trains that ran into a lot of trouble with bad timings and delays - it badly damaged the reputation of the Virgin brand which was established after so much pain and effort. Virgin Lottery was also one of Richard Branson's brands that failed.

But what is it that helps king-size people win back the millions they lose? It is the same money blueprint, hidden within the brain. It is intangible, something that can't be seen or felt, yet strange as it may sound, it is the guiding spirit behind all major developments of the world. It's something that cannot be seen or felt: the money-map.

Your money-map is the invisible cause that leads to your wealth which is the visible result. This is the map, which guides everyone, just like a road-map, to the goal of money and wealth.
Published: 2008-07-21
Author: Chitralekha Chakraborty

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