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The Summer of 1990

The confusion one experiences when at a crossroad in life.

The Summer of 1990

The summer of 1990….how is it different from the summer of 2006…16 long years have passed and it feels like a micro second….

1990…It was the year I started school…all of 6 years…standing at 4 feet 4 inches I was tall for my age…or so I thought...i stopped growing in the 7th grade…was left far behind by my taller classmates…those who surpassed me at 5feet 5 inches…
Back in the summer of 1990 careers, jobs, payroll, incentives were words alien to a 6 year old…words unheard of….unspoken…there were more important issues to be faced…like who was going to get the first set of spectacles in class(that lucky girl!!!!)…whether I’d get a turn on the swing at break today(maybe I’d get lucky and the girl in front of me in the queue for the swing would fall off and get injured seriously enough to be sent off to the infirmary and I’d get a longer chance!!!)….whether they’d found out that it was I who broke the pretty tea cup that came in a set of 6…whether the curtain rods in the living room were strong enough to take my weight as I swung on them imagining myself soaring through the skies with superman!!!.....whether it was just me or was television being taken over by the dark force after they cancelled the television shows – ‘The Care Bears’, ‘My Little Pony’ and ‘Gloworms’….whether the scheming Chinese boy next door had devised a way to beat me, the reining queen of crosses and knots, at my game...whether I’d win the next game of Ludo I was planning to cheat at (small fingers and deft hand movements are all thats needed!!)...hhhhmmmm (long sigh)…summers seemed longer then….they were definitely a lot more fun filled….!!!!!!!

2006…The year I finished college…all of 21 years…standing at 5 feet 5 inches, I’m not that short but wish I was a little taller…
This year careers, jobs, payroll, incentives are all people have been talking about…it seems to be a trend…where was all of this in 1990…Im glad it decided to be a no-show for this long…it would have ruined the most precious memories I will always treasure…the issues i face this summer are not really issues, rather they seem to take on an importance of life and death…there are life changing and heart wrenching decisions that need to be taken…decisions that could alter the path of my life…ha….did I say path…it seems more like million pronged forked dark lane…confusion prevails…iv been here before…only the decision was a lot easier and less imperative…the sun doesn’t seem to shine as brightly as it used to…the days seem somewhat darker…its like nature unknowingly understands and mourns the loss of my nonchalant carefree childhood…

The air is a lot more polluted and the summers a lot hotter now, than in 1990….

Published: 2006-07-02
Author: Tracy A. Pereira

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