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The talking gap

talking gap

During an evening, I was viewing one of my favourite program-the geomancy program, my dad came over and had a glimpse but obviously didn’t plan to stay long gave a sudden ‘hmph’ and a smug look that enough to get on my nerve without his uttering of ‘What nonsense’ line.

I held back my tongue but was indeed in an urge to snap back sharply. It was then it hit me, giving me a glee or two by the things and words flashes through my mind minus that he never once fail to blurted those skeptical words during each evening that program was air.

What hit me? Yes, the generation gap was always a problem to all but now, we’ve the talking gap. And here are the few examples that I recollected; newly moved, my mom succeeded to stretch the whole fengshui thing to have me place an ugly vase just to kill my room design.

But on the other hand, as I offered my opinion on it during a festive season, guess what I get in return? A gratitude look was too far-fetch, a couple of laughter and an annoyance look was the package deal I received-telling me that it’s nonsensical.

Ouch! To my poor ears after I persisted, defending my belief which I soon regret-my mom started nagging. Whereas if we change position, many a times I recalled myself shaking my head and was about to rolled my eyes at those advice told by them.

And here is the amazement; to have hear it again through a friend or someone on the same par. This time instead of a loud annoyance of buzzing, it’s like an eye opener-a word of wisdom! This make me realized, sometimes words and advices are easier to sink in if it’s through someone on the same par.

Same par as in someone whose age or status ranking are almost close and of course, friends. For even though we are on the same page, it doesn’t mean we use the same word. It’s the method and most likely the leading cast, mentality talking.

Don’t be surprised if one day, we found that actually we and our parents had indeed share a lot in common. Unbelievable? Don’t be. Know that changes don’t come easily for anyone and our parents held no grunge towards today technologies.

The talking gap had more influence than it seem, if those who think this had never happen before-well, think again. Why did your dad valuable camera that had you begging him to change to the digital type for ages suddenly one day ‘poof’ turned into old fashion to him?

Well, in my case…it seems to cause a laughing riot for his fellow friends and then presto! Digital it is for him. Their winds of change sometimes do have our jaw a hanging. It’s rather hard to choose between saying ‘That’s it?’ in bewilderment or wowed ‘That was effective.'

Hold your tongue as we are not having the last laugh of this as the talking gap comes in circle. It hit me hard when what once told to the younger flew right back at me. It never ceased to amazes me to looked into their excited, twinkling eyes as they repeated the very words that they had brushed off from me then but seem all cool now through their friends tongue.

See? It’s the talking gap taking effect there. Whether we like it or not, it’s sadly to say going to remain in our lives. It can be solve but at the same time, can’t. That’s why compromise is needed in this world but hey! No one tells that it’s going to be easy.
Published: 2009-02-26
Author: siew chin goh

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