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The Tamil Problem

srialnka, tamil, partisanship, extremism

It was a usual hot and sultry mid march afternoon in trichnopoly, and the scene was the crowded city busstand close to the rock cut temple. A visibly bored customer walks into a cybercafé in the first floor of the complex towards the right of the busstand.

“ neengal no.5 eduthukkingal ”(You can take terminal no.5) quips the shop owner, at which the customer nods and walks towards the terminal. After half –an-hour of serious surfing he digs his pocket for payment and as he does so asks “ evlo acchu”(how much?)

“You seem to be from kerala. Your accent says so.” the shop keeper asks scornfully and the customer who could see through his game of partisanship gives him a mouthful before leaving the shop angrily. The dark complexioned cybercafé owner stares at him as he goes out.

The above incident is an indicator of state of things in the 21st century, a scene not very different from that in other parts of the country or the world. Of great importance is the tamil extremism which has been a cause of International concern.

In srilanka, the “tamil” extremists blow up bridges, plant bombs near buildings and commit genocide on civilians. The root cause is chauvinism and separatism. The “tamils” who now execute these acts are mostly those immigrants who came during late medieval ages and so on and mostly from deccan plateau of India as a parts of immigrant colonists of deccan muslim kingdoms and vijayanagar dynasties. Even though they consider their struggle in srilanka to be a continuation of the chola period and even the remote sangam times and they themselves as stemming from chola/pallava clans that fought in srilanka. This problem of separatism and chauvinism is hard to solve and whatever intelligence that has been gathered reveals to us only the tip of the iceberg. The chauvinists argue by saying that human history is replete with migrations and that anyone who is willing to be considered to be a part of region or a speaker of a language should be accepted by the rest to be so right from the beginning. Even in a largely immigrant and historically untouched regions like Australia, New Zealand and USA , this is an unacceptable proposition, let alone for places, tongues etc with continuous history running back several centuries before common era with description in many legends.In one way, what is applicable to the new is also applicable to the remotely old.

The problem here further complicated by the fact that those who came during the late medieval ages mostly as infiltrant colonists did hail from those kingdoms which were natural foes of the above mentioned illustrious clans of cholas/pallavas and thus it makes this demand more impossible to be met and this seems to be the strongest of several serving criteria.

Displaying any kind of sympathy for such duplicity, partisanship and separatism can only serve to encourage such evil all over the world.

The Lankan side has its own complexities stemming out of migrations and is not free from partisanship. It seems to me that problems of this level of complicity, magnitude,depth and duplicity can never be solved(and should not be attempted to solve diplomatically) through talks and sops and it is necessary that the evil has to destroyed through wars of destruction, fought with seriousness, determination,persistence,commitment and sincerity.There can be no two opinions on the same.
Published: 2008-04-30
Author: K Sethu Madhavan

About the author or the publisher
A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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