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The Three Underrated Vacation Cities of Spain

Limassol, Los Cristianos, Magaluf

The Three Underrated Vacation Cities of Spain

You must have been to Spain and could be convinced that you have seen it all and experienced it all. Bet you’ve been to the main cities like Barcelona and Madrid. But have you been in the smaller cities where an exotic vacation awaits you?

Feature the three underestimated cities of Spain: Limassol, Los Cristianos, and Magaluf. If you haven’t been on one of these places, you still missing something out. Head back to Spain and check these places out!

Exploring the Exotic City of Limassol

Just got to Limassol not knowing what to expect? Well, it won’t matter if you are there for business or for pleasure; you are surely at the right place. There are just too many things to see and do at Limassol. To give you a teaser, here they are:

Swimming, Diving, and Water sports
A vacation is never complete without hitting the waters. Limassol seas offer a variety of water activities. Diving is best enjoyed because of the splendid marine life within the area. Water sports include kayaking and boating.

Night Entertainment

Who said nightlife is not a factor in Limassol? Whoever said that is badly mistaken. The place is filled with so many shows and concerts conducted during the night. Parties happen all around.

Parks and Nature

This is the best place for families. Limassol has lots of parks people can explore, jog, or bike around at. You can hold a picnic as frequent as you want. Check out Limassol’s Camel Park you will surely enjoy it.


Wining and dining is almost perfect here. If you haven’t dined overlooking the ocean, here’s your chance. There are restaurants by the seashore you can reserve at. Seafood is the favorite but other dishes, including beef and turkeys, are highly available as well.


I bet you never though this one is offered. Unleash the child in you and ride a kart. Race with your friends and drive as if the highway is your property. Drive as fast as you can go. Drive as long as you want. You will never regret every second of it.

There are a lot more things to experience in Limassol. If you are not convinced still, try to see everything for yourself. You will surely start enjoying the place right at the moment you step your foot on its soils.

The Places to See in Los Cristianos

If you are one traveler big on adventure, you did not go wrong in visiting Los Cristianos, Spain. The place has loads of attractions and places to enjoy. You need to store lots of energy as you might find it hard to see everything at a given time.

Here are the places that you can check out while in Los Cristianos:

The Teide National Park

Teide National Park is declared a national park in 1954. One of its attractions is a huge volcano with a crater of 48 km in circumference. The mountain is called Mount Teide, and that’s where the park got its name. The volcano is now extinct and it can be trekked either by foot or by riding a cable car.

The Loro Parque

Do you love parrots? Well, it really doesn’t matter. Either you are a bird enthusiast or not, you will surely be fascinated by this park. This is actually Los Cristiano’s second biggest attraction, next to Mount Teide. Expect to see about 300 species of parrots, as well as sea lions, dolphins, and other animals. Animal shows are conducted on a regular basis as well.

Barranco del Infierno

In English, this Spanish name translates to “Hells Gorge.” The place is a natural attraction, with lush green ravine amidst natural running water. If you wanted to feel what it is like to be in paradise, visit the place. Exploring is the most preferred activity there.

The Beaches

A vacation is simply not complete if you can’t wear your favorite swimsuit at any time. Beaches are the most common lure of Los Cristianos and Spain in general. The place is lucky to have sun all year round. That means swimming is always possible.

And these are not all. Los Cristianos has a lot more to offer. Come visit the place and have a handful of fun and excitement you never thought possible.

The Many Things to Enjoy While in Magaluf

Are you ready for some adventure? You will never have a tiring day in Magaluf. There are plainly too many things to do and a whole new place to see. You want proof? Here they are:

The Aqualand

Just step outside Magaluf and trek the road to Santa Ponsa. Experience Aqualand’s good waters and nice breeze. But as a piece of advice, do not be overeager to swim during real hot days. The water can be so warm it can burn.

Mallorca Golf Connection

Are you fond of golf? Then check out this place. They reserve tee times here. They can even organize hotel accommodations for you. Tournaments and matches can also be scheduled. Mallorca Golf Connection can do all the preparation for you enabling you. You can save money and time just by that.

Talbert Lawn Bowls

Love bowling? This place offers bowling with a different twist. They are open everyday starting 10am. They accommodate visitors and even beginners. It is one is very near Aqua Park. In fact, it is just two minutes away by foot.

Western Water Park

Do you want to spend a great day with your family? Then the Western Water Park is where you can take them. The place has good rides and superb shows all throughout the day. Everyone is surely kept entertained. The place is sitting just on the opposite Aqua Land.

Cruise Carinya

Want to experience a boat ride you will never forget? Hop on a cruise! You can explore the coastline using your own motor yacht. Or if you don’t have one, you can surely rent one of their boats for a specified period of time. Then you can proceed to enjoy the waters on a different level.

Tennis coaching

Don’t you just love tennis? Either you love watching it or playing it, you can surely gain something from a tennis-coaching lesson straight from the pros. It does not even matter if you are a novice or an expert already. There is surely something else to learn.

Magaluf is indeed an activity-rich place. There is never a dull moment here. Go out and enjoy!

Published: 2006-08-22
Author: Theresa Tumanda

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