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The Universe's Technology of Light

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Time Magazine

According to the article "Let There Be Light" (Time magazine - Sep. 4, 2006 - by Michael D. Lemonick), "... the Dark Ages of the universe (is) the 200 million year period (more or less) after the last flash of light from the Big Bang faded and the first blush of sun-like stars began to appear. What happened during the Dark Ages set the stage for the cosmos we see today, with its billions of magnificent galaxies and everything that they contain ..."

Albert Einstein

There is an alternative explanation of the universe´s dark ages. This begins with the mini black holes proposed by physicist Stephen Hawking in 1974 - and the 3 "subuniverses" which could exist in our cosmos according to mathematical equations developed by Albert Einstein in 1917.

Hyperspace Isn't Owned by "Star Trek"

According to the 1973 book ALBERT EINSTEIN: CREATOR AND REBEL by physicist Banesh Hoffman and Einstein´s secretary Helen Dukas, mathematical equations developed by Einstein in 1917 say a maximum of 3 “subuniverses” could exist in our cosmos: here, I´ll refer to them as SPACE (embracing the 3 dimensions of length, width and height), TIME (the 4th dimension) and HYPERSPACE (the 5th dimension). Transmission holograms are made on a photographic plate or film by interference between the 2 parts of a split laser beam - by analogy, one part of a split laser beam could, in the far future, compress a tiny quantity of matter in the 5th spatial dimension to the required temperature and pressure of a big bang (this portion would be the reference beam and would produce one of Hawking´s mini black holes).

Isaac Newton

The other part (the object beam) would scan or read all the data in a universe … perhaps by first being transmitted through the 4th spatial dimension so it could focus on that entire universe when it was only the size of a subatomic particle. The reference and object beams then come to a focus - forming an interference pattern which creates a universe that obeys Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) and rebounds/expands from the compression caused by the futuristic reference laser (the compressed matter corresponding to the material plate/film in conventional holography). In an earthly hologram, the interference pattern does not look like a photograph until light hits it in the correct position. In a cosmic hologram, the interference pattern would merely be a dark cosmos evolving from a big bang until it was illuminated by another laser beam (possibly from the generation of another big bang - see my next article). Then it would become a number of "images" including every possible frequency of electromagnetism, and thanks to wave/particle duality, matter waves and gravitational waves.
Published: 2006-09-28
Author: Rodney Bartlett

About the author or the publisher
My articles are inspired by my book "Rod's Room - A New Earth And A New Universe". Buy it at and other online bookstores. sells merchandise with a photo of the book on it. I´ve tried to use the unification of all space-time to think about science in the extremely distant future (in a unified universe, this must be possible). Necessarily, this disregards the present to some extent, but I´ve based my thoughts on what science tells us today.

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