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The US presidential elections: Will history repeat itself

pandavas, mahabhartha,kali,obama, sarah palin, Iran

“first I thought my role was sing your glory o lord of vaikuntam (lord vishnu)!. But they seem to be nothing when I consider the sheer ecstasy in my current practice of singing the glory of and serving your servitors!”
-Tiruvaymozhi of Swami Nammazhwar ( saint 9th cent.C.E,India)

The recently concluded US elections differed from the rest in many ways. A candidate who was not fancied by many. A contestant who had a much mediocre and low profile life compared to his opponent became a runaway winner. Even a most optimistic and ardent US supporter this result would come as unexpected and would certainly suspect subversion. Hey look, here’s someone who has managed to the top echelons of the world’s most powerful nation with a pretty mediocre, down-to-earth and mundane agenda when at a time an innovative strategy or revolutionary military moves to decimate the forces that are excessively wicked and evil should have taken the top honours brings to mind several questions.

There are already indications that things can become worse in the coming years. Ominous signals are in air and deep anxiety has been caused by investigative revelations that showed the hi-tech nature of nuclear capability visualized and cherished by terror spewing rogues a sign of an extremely dark and degenerate age as observed in some ancient literature. The reports of many such rogue asylums and abodes being on threshold of a nuclear capability may be faithfully interpreted as a terrorist nuclear attack is very much possible in the near future, for we know that the capability for the same has been achieved long ago. We are probably going to see in near future a great war. If having Obama as top executive is both foolhardy as well as ill advised move then it is as much difficult to continue to remain friendly with US that is being led by Obama. One’s character if true and godly forbids one against doing so. And so, we have seen that in the contemporary age very many outcomes were based on decisions stemming out of possessive outlook, innate duplicity and jealousy. The words like land, interest, wish, agenda, people have played great role in shaping decisions, than impossesable truth and divine justice. The sign of a declining age. It is learnt from the epic of mahabharatha that the night evil duryodhana of clan of bharathas was delivered, in forests jackals howled loudly signalling that it is the beginning of the end of dwapara age. Does this election in USA say something of imminent end of age of kali? Could be.

In the age of kali, say the puranas which form the traditional Indian history, any one with enough of essential resources can become the ruler and exert his authority over others and that the human virtues touch the nadir. In some ways from certain points we can view and draw parallels between that eventful end of dwapara era recorded originally in the 6000 verses of mahabharatham by vyasa to some of the events that have unfolded in this era however crude and incomparable they may be.

George Bush’s tenure during the toughest of times US has ever seen is commendable. It required the seriousness, no-nonsense approach, non-appeasement, toughness,inambiguity and non-duplicity exhibited by bush to tackle evil enemies of middle east who have demonstrated that they take crazy risks to achieve their goals and are so deliberate,cunning and full of guile that they can deceive even the most quick witted and elegant decision maker. Going to confront such an enemy would require a very good amount of resolve in character, a respect for duty and commitment to the task undertaken. Even a bit of casual, insincere approach to the problems encountered would have directly helped the enemies. By the sheer weight of burden carried for the past eight years atleast bush may have found himself in the shoes of the elegant, devoted, sincere grandsire bheeshma who had held duty above everything else, eventhough not many warriors may have matched or surpassed the grandsire in battlefield and also due to the fact that he was the one whom the lord chose to bestow his divine grace upon. An act for which he strove throughout his hard life,by living in constant recollection and contemplation of him. The war in Iraq to prevent it from possessing the capability to go nuclear that may have de-stabilized the region, was a good tactical move. The military machinery that achieved this objective is what bush has held in the same esteem as the illustrious grand old bheeshma did the virtuous, pious, noble sons of pandu even if the parallel boosts the character as well as capability of the latter rather exaltedly.

The current elections is some what more favourably comparable to the second game of dice inmahabharatha atleast going by the results. Joe Biden’s machiavellian duplicity , cunning and manipulative international policies where in he calls for diplomacy and negotiations even with great enemies hoping to neutralize them through guile and cunning can hardly be considered as an ethical and moral stance in the current world threatened by rogues who can go to any extent achieve their ends. His war avoiding ways can hardly be seen as a moral stance. In the tough, complex waters of international relations any negotiative approach to crucial issues can be more treated as a mega gamble where multiple parties stay affected resulting in a major confusion and collapse, rather than a give-and-take, more appropriate in simple commerce. Definitely he is the modern avtar of the wily shakuni the two’s and four’s of whose dice made powerful warriors seem helpless and bite the dust and who if at all had he got the right oppurtunity would even have conned the great Lord Krishna to side evil. He points out to duryodhana the great blunder of his using strong words when the former clearly missed a chance to win over the Lord of vrishnis(krishna), who is indeed the lord of everything and whose great form was so powerful that a select few truthfuls could view the same.

John McCain’s straight forward no non-sense approach to the current situation has come from his experience as a soldier in vietnam but so helpless was he that for all his skills and energy that he displayed on the final night zealous and untiring yet unable to take home the honours, he was very much like abhimanyu the redoubtable son of arjuna who failed gallantly. Eventhough going by his age one may be forced to draw parallel with illustrious dronacharya a complete master at warfare and a great devotee of lord sivan. The reason for leaning towards abhimanyu is because one finds a parallel in the advanced age of McCain and tender age of abhimanyu who at fifteen was the youngest to pick up arms and challenge a mighty army. McCain may have been quite like the young son of moon god who had taken lessons even while at womb and who's prowess and valour was so complete that even an array of best kaurava warriors had to resort to foul means to get rid of him.

There was more to it. The nasty editor of adult playboy magazine hugh hefner,can totally identify with mahabharatha’s villanous dushasana for having attempted to do to sarah palin what wicked dushasana did to the queen of pandavas. The ones behind the cheap offer made by the playboy editor can be same as the ones who instigated evil dushasanan.

Sarah palin with her penchant for hunting and shooting may have resembled a roman royal lady or princess more but some how finds favourably comparison in plight of virtuous krishnaa(draupadi), who was born out of sacrificial pit of virtuous sages.

Inasmuch as one can draw a parallel between hillary clinton and demoness jara of mahabharatha. The former's annointing of current president can be seen in parallel with the latter's enlivening a demonic ruler whose evil might forced the kingdom of lord krishna to move westwards in defensive.No marks for guessing who might fill into the shoes of wicked brothers of duryodhana. The likes of maradona and chavez.

Governor Palin has cited U.S. intelligence information that says Iran may have enough nuclear material to produce a weapon within a year(which can be interpreted as a nuclear strike is possible anywhere in the world within a year), and underscored the threat that Iran would proliferate any nuclear arms it is able to obtain to terrorist groups that is sponsors, like hezbollah, with the ultimate aim of destroying Israel.Iran is a nation of inherent duplicity where the religion is:"It is not sufficient if you lie. You have to make sure that you are able to completely mislead and decieve the one under question. In other words you have to make sure that the objective of action is achieved". There were also reports that stated that the obama campaign managed to stall a couple of her lectures targeted at evil Iran. Whose peoples time and again remind one of old saying from mahabharatha:” That if the one that has been slain is wicked keechakan, then there is no doubt this was achieved by none other than bheeman:”.

Finally there is one reason to believe that the Iraq war may have caused a republican exit. That is by adding up to the reconstruction projects that provided a lot of oppurtunities to the private sector companies. For the time being it is possible to imagine the likes of al-qaeda and Iran laughing conspiratorially as they have successfully exchanged Osama for Obama. Definitely the old adage that says that the men of common sense are a minority in the world best applies to the current situation. It is indeed very preposterous that a lowly person with a duplicitous bi-partisan agenda got a welcome ceremony as big as if not qualitatively or otherwise comparable to coronation ceremony of Lord Rama during the treta age. Do the republicans now more resemble the last roman emperors or do they favourably compare themselves with the five pandavas who were advised and then escorted by sage ugrasarvas to himalayas to prevent them from entering the excessively wicked kali age?
Published: 2008-11-12
Author: K Sethu Madhavan

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A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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