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The victory of love over hate...

love, betrayal, hatred

To love someone is easy, it is only when you need to be loved that problems arise. We, as humans, yearn for love. No matter how we present ourselves to the world, at a tiny corner in our hearts, we need to feel love in order to quench our thirst for life. The tender kiss of a lover, the caring touch of a mother, the assuring embrace of a true friend.... relationships we cannot deny. Love, as an emotion, sweeps us all and leaves un in want to experience it. Irrelevant to many, this is an emotion which resides in each one of us, we only need to find the time to explore it.

Often we are faced with betrayal. We are then filled with such malice that we resolve never to love again. This hatred that we feel, invariably, is directed more towards the self than the person who carried out the act of betrayal. What we fail to realise, is that such deep loathing is not required. It is perfectly okay to feel the emotions that we do, when faced with such situations. However, what we need to understand is that we have not wronged ourselves in trusting or loving the person who betrayed us. When the love is pure, when the trust is untainted, it does not matter whether the feeling is reciprocated or not. Purity washes over all else, and we should take solace in the fact that our love was true. The rest is irrelevant. The rest does not matter.
Published: 2006-07-05
Author: Shayoni Sarkar

About the author or the publisher
Shayoni is an 18 year old girl who hails from Kolkata, India. She loves writing and is extremely interested in journalism. Her writings have been published in various newspapers and magazines and also on the Internet. She is currently pursuing a graduation degree at one of India's topmost colleges.

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