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The way of the phoenix

crisis, money, loss ,gain, illusion , reality , transformation, life, world, past ,present, new, the phoenix.

With the recent economical crash, lives have been shattered, many were fired and people died from stress, sickness or suicide.

Thousands have lost their money, their jobs and status. At the dawn of the new century, Sadness, anger, and delusion struck the whole world in one day and man has to struggle with this new situation.

Obviously, we do not like loss, and we do not accept it, we live with the illusion that everything is permanent, and we refuse changes.

We live in an eternal movement and turmoil, where all deforms and nothing stays the same.

Since the beginning of creation, everything transformed from one reality to another until we arrived to this day. Chaos and bursts of light formed the universes, the planets, the sun the moon and our planet earth. Through the years mountains, lakes and lands moved from one place to another. Every year we witness the colorful spectrum of the seasons, and we challenge their moods. Fire and water became electricity, horse carriages became cars, the dream of flying became a plane and the desire to conquer the universe manifested in a rocket. We change from two cells to an embryo, to a child that crawls than walks , to a teenager that can revolt, than to an adult with opinions and responsibility; then comes the old age, we can see the wrinkles on the mirror and one day ,we disappear.

Nothing in our world is permanent, everything is temporary; Each minute we feel different , every second we die in a thought and we live in another one; we come and go, we do not stay and if we come again it is a new us.

Money, status, beauty, cars, castles and luxury are only forms of energy that come and go.
We invented the Money as a tool that allowed us to get easier our needs as food, shelter and luxury. With time, this tool became a vital necessity for our happiness; it became the goal of our life. We gave it the power to rule our lives or to ruin us and destroy the world that we live in.
We kill and die for money; we measure love, intelligence and power to the amount of money that we earn. We cannot accept life without a filled bank account; we struggle, we work, and we stress, to make more money.

I agree to the fact that money is important for our survival in this era, but not to the extent to make it our purpose in life, or to give it more importance than our life, health, family and soul.

Each crisis is a blessing. When we accept the new situation, we give space to new opportunities and we tap in the infinite possibilities that the universe brings our way. As long as we are alive and healthy, we can deal with the transformations, and the new paradigm, and we regain our place in the creation as powerful, strong and wise human beings.

We can transform our loss into gain, by looking at the parts of our life that we forgot during our struggle. Some quiet moments, allow us to dive in our inner self, to recognize who we are, and what we really want. We can enjoy the presence of our loved ones around us. Playing with our children will give us the opportunity to know them, and appreciate each moment where we see them grow. Helping our neighbors and friends will make us discover the richness that we have inside us and we cannot lose. Having the time for a walk in the nature will open our eyes to the abundance of our world.

As we learn the lesson of our life and understand it, we carry it with us and build our new life.

The past gives birth to the new moment in the present, and when the present moment ends, it becomes the new moment in the future.
When we die to the past, we live in the new.

When we become aware that we own only this moment, the now where we breathe think act and exist, we can make our life again as we made it before; but we will be the new us, who are the wiser , stronger and lighter humans ever.

All is alchemy. With love and faith in life and in ourselves, we can pull ourselves from the ashes like a phoenix, spread our wings, fly in the sun, and be proud of our beautiful shining new colors.

With love from Mirna Khneisser
Published: 2009-08-11
Author: Mirna Khneisser

About the author or the publisher
My name is Mirna Khneisser, I am a start up writer.Helping others to understand the reality of us as light beings is the mission of every one, and I chose to make it my path. I am co-writing a book with my friend and teacher in meditation and guided visualization about holistic ways of healing. I am currently writing in a health and nutrition magazine based in Lebanon and I am writing my own book in French language.
thank you for giving me this opportunity. Best regards.Mirna K.

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