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The Whoring Of Our National Treasure

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We need morals. For anyone who would argue this fact, consider what sorrows have beset us as a direct result of the "anything goes" mentality which has managed to invade our culture.

"Anything goes" is a ludicrous, dangerous, thoughtless, disrespectful, poisonous, deadly way to live.

"It's my life" is an immature, irresponsible, delusional lie.

For far too long now, freedom has been misrepresented as reason for the "anything goes" and "it's my life" mentality. It is not freedom to lack self-control. It is bondage, for when there are no self-imposed boundaries, laws and rules will be imposed by others in an effort to curb the inevitable, ugly consequences. Unfortunately, it is too often true that human beings must be protected from themselves.

The late 1960's through the 1970's was an extremely selfish time. Terms, such as "free love", "let it all hang loose" and "if it feels it!", were coined during this period. The ideals of the
nation were being openly mocked and questioned. Young people were scarred by a war for which no one could provide adequate explanation. Out of anger, fear and confusion came rioting in the streets and anti-war protests.

But, something else came out of this troubled time in history...a fervent attempt to annihilate any existing moral code which had, here-to-fore, tempered the actions of us all. No longer considered to be the deplorable acts of only a few, drug use and sexual exploitation exploded onto the scene. Parties for the express purposes of becoming stoned and swapping partners, were hosted by the rich and famous as well as the down-and-outers.

Before this tragic era, those who did not stand up for their country were looked upon, unfavorably, as dissentient.

Believe it or not, living together was not acceptable. It was wrong and abnormal to have multiple sexual partners. Prior to the 1960's, marriage was still a highly treasured achievement. It was still considered reason to mourn when a marriage ended in divorce. It was actually termed a "failed marriage"... not a reason to celebrate and move on to the next conquest.

The term "Hollywood-Types", referred to those who were unseemly, who practiced little or no self-control. They were not looked to as the spokesmen for morality.

Drugs were linked to criminals and those who were considered
disreputable. It was not considered a disease to be was considered a weakness of character.

Of course, there was true progress made during the 20th century. But throwing out the moral and ethical codes of our civilization was not part of the advancement.

Most would agree that we must guard our freedoms. That is why we fight wars against terrorists who would threaten our democracy. But the real battle, the bigger threat to our freedom, continues - seemingly without notice - from within our nation. It is at levels which are unmanageable and probably, impossible to reverse. It is killing the very heart, the innocence and the future of this present generation and it affects us all.

The Real National Treasure

The real National Treasure should be our children. Our young people are the future of this nation. But this treasure is being whored away.

Pornography on the Internet is out of control. Young men and girls are giving away their bodies via nude photos and committing actions via Web-cams, the likes of which could only be viewed in times past by paying to enter a dark underworld, hidden away for fear of prosecution. Not so in our progressive, liberated society, today. What is being offered by mere girls across the Web, is beneath even that of professional prostitutes, because prostitutes wouldn't think of doing such things for FREE.

What is going on across this nation, in the form of sexual perversion, is no longer taking place in 'shady dens of iniquity somewhere on the outskirts of town', between men and women. These scenes which depict everything imaginable - as well as unimaginable - are being participated in and being viewed by high-school girls and boys in their average and above-average income homes. The 'actors' are not Hollywood-Types...they are OUR children. They are OUR college students. They are OUR future! And they are being whored away every day and night - online - across this nation.

Yes, I am to blame as much as anyone else for burying my head in the sand about this heinous activity via the INTERNET. For that, for being unconcerned, I sincerely apologize. I truly did not know how bad the conditions are. I did not want to know. But, now that I do...I am heartbroken.

My generation wanted all of the freedom FROM restraint that they could get. Now that restraint is hard to find...chaos and anarchy laugh in our faces and blatantly exercise their voices.

Perversion of any type can bring an end to a society. We now boast perversions of every type in this society. To ignore what those of all ages and social status are promoting, participating in, and permitting to continue, via the INTERNET, is to basically deny ourselves a future. Destruction of morals and ethics ensures our destruction as a society and nation, as well.

You can't give away your innocence and expect to suffer no consequences. You can't permit a lack of concern for the collective welfare of a group and expect that it will survive. You can't grant freedom FROM rules and freedom FROM personal responsibility and expect to maintain the very FREEDOM you feared would be lost.

Innocence is gone. The meaning of love has been destroyed. Sex is the new team sport. Drugs and alcohol are the choices to escape any conscience which threatens to remain. Nothing is treasured. Everything is disposable - including people.

When human dignity is whored away and there is no self-respect to be found; when we awake one day to find that we are completely at the mercy of those who are devoid of human emotions and feelings because they have been de-sensitized to any hint of morality - then, maybe we will wish we had NOT kept our ears and eyes and mouths shut.

My heart is broken, because at this very moment, somewhere in this nation, a young girl is thinking so little of herself that she is willing to whore her treasure away via the INTERNET. For whatever reasons, she will pose before a camera in her bedroom and show - to the world - what should be precious to her; respected and sacred. She will give it away, freely, to whatever peering, perverted, stalking, creeps may be surfing the NET. Because it is available, a young boy will begin his shameful journey into pornographic addiction. Both will end up hurt in ways that they may not have imagined. The effects will leave them, as well as the rest of us, deeply scarred.

The Cure For Preserving Our National Treasure

The "Cure" has been available for centuries. But, the idea of a personal relationship with Christ has been so despised and unaccepted over the past few decades, that it has all but been brought to an illegal status. The absurdity of such a notion, has instead become the acceptable position of many men and women. Fighting against that which would save us, we continue our downward spiral to an ever-sinking level of debasement.

Either in denial or sincerely ignorant of the cancer which is
destroying us, it is allowed to grow. Those with the power and authority to make the needed changes to stop this pornographic epidemic seem to be dead to their conscience, for there is not even a good fight being offered.

Perhaps, the greatest social disease of our time, is simply not caring.

Published: 2006-10-29
Author: C. L. Hanna

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C.L. Hanna ~ Writer For Hire

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