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The World Is Imperfect !


We all strive for excellence in whatever we do. To achieve this we set high standards of performance. The road to perfection is however not the right path to success and fulfillment. Getting too organized and perfect can only land you as a confirmed neurotic. Or do you want to be diagnosed with a obsessive compulsive disorder?

The next time you want to leave some clutter in your room, do it. Untie a shoe lace if you can. Do a jig on the terrace if you feel like it. Accept you imperfection as a rational human trait. Some bouts of wisdom will only reveal that to err occasionally is a natural outcome. Setting standards beyond reach and reason would only lead to dysfunctional depression, and overwhelming anxiety of failure and disappointment.

If it is accepted both that if God existed then the world would be perfect, and that the world is not perfect, then should we accept that God does not exist ? The world might have contained fewer wars, or fewer unpleasant diseases, or fewer destructive volcanic eruptions. Imperfection exists in our daily routine and the quicker we accept it , the better the outlook. It is something that God wishes, an imperfect soul, a divine error.

When we weigh the pluses and minuses of life, we find the negatives far outweigh the positives. One may feel overpowered by problematic relationships, eating disorders, compulsive behaviours, or workalohicism. You just have to be reasonable, by getting into accepting a less than perfect situation. Goals should be set more realisically and a more practical attitude to overcoming the problems will go a long way. Perfectionists are trapped by their own sphere of impractical values, and thus miss out on fun, the joys of life and the mental peace.

Imperfection is therefore a virtue. Enforcing too much discipline, endurance and stress into your daily activities can only take a toll on your mental and physical health. Do you feel obsessed that you have to wash your car everyday? Do you have to swim 20 laps of the swimming pool just because you think you have to? Rule your mind rather than let your mind rule you. Forget prescriptive management plans and rules written out of a management book. Focus on self care , meditate, and do something which will make you rejuvenate. Unwind with creativity and replenish your energy levels with relaxed activity.

Do not act as if your life depended on which colour of socks you wore to office in the morning. Look on the positive side, your socks can’t be seen under your shoes! If you have misplaced some important documents, take the reprimand from your boss in the right spirit.

Remember, to err is human, to forgive divine. Life is really stressful if you are too organised. Motivate yourself to lead an imperfect normal life, do not focus on outcomes and end products rather than accomplishments. Finally, remember, great achievers have always acknowledged mistakes , failure and imperfection as a part of being human.
Published: 2008-07-03
Author: Amita Shanbag

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