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The Zodiac Signs of the End-times

Zodiac signs, stars, bull, lieo, canstallation

Some of the zodiac signs in the sky called 'constellation' known as group of stars, is used in the vision of the biblical prophets in predicting future events and Joseph was the first in the bible to use Zodiac signs as stated in the Book of Genesis whose star was the "BULL"(April 21st - May 20th) who was to rule his brothers(Gen. 37:5-11 & Deut. Chapter 33); while Jacob predicted the Zodiac sign of Judah known as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah known as LEO (July 23rd to August 22nd).

In most of the vision of Daniel God used Zodiac signs which he studied in astrology in Babylon(Dan 5:11). Thus the vision of the Ram and the He-goat were part of the Zodiac signs used to tell Daniel of the coming events. The symbols of these creatures in the sky known as the group of stars are shown to the biblical prophets in the form of a cartoon film show using the real shape of those creatures but in a rubout or cartoon form and one of those signs could be used over and over for several coming events but the same sign but some futures could be added or changed eg if the zodiac sign is a goat with four legs in other vision could be five, six , seven, eight legs ect depending on the meaning of the giving prophecy.

God revealed it to them mostly in the vision of the night according to prophet Daniel without him demanding of it or thought about it; as for Apostle John, God sent his angel to show those vision to him; in own case was also a cartoon firm show he was watching; in most case cases he said, "I saw a portent in heaven, I saw a sign in heaven" trying to described the film board he was watching at the sky even behind the firm shows you could see the stars far at the back ground; It is like a firm board suspended in the sky for you to watch. But the occults gaze at the water in the basin or looking at magic mirrors after serious mediations and prayers formulas according to the religion involved; but this is not the case with the biblical prophets. God can reveal it to them anytime, anywhere even while walking, eating, or sleeping; it is their natural gift from God. Like my own case I never seriously fast and pray before I get a revelation; God give me revelation anywhere, anytime like most anointed prophets of God and I can explain more deeper mysteries all from the very holy bible because I saw it in both visions and dreams which I can use as a guide in my explanations and then make some findings for a proof

In the book of Revelation, several zodiac signs were used; in Revelation chapter 12, the woman clothed with the sun is the Vigo( August 23rd to Sept 23rd); biblically, this represent the church and the virgin Mary which shall give birth to the Man-Child while the great red dragon is the dragon sign in the sky as one of those group of stars, In Revelation chapter 6, the rider of the white horse with the bow is known as SAGITTARIUS or archer (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21); and in Revelation chapter 6, the balance or the scale is called LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23rd ) also related to the vision of the hand writing on the wall in respect of the vision of the ram hand he he-goat (Dan. Chapter 5).

A group of stars known as Scorpio came down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit as one of the zodiac signs SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22; Rev. 9:1-11). GEMINI (May 22-June 21)The twin bothers are known as Jacob and Esau and the beast that rose out of the earth(from the bottomless pit) is called CANCER (June 22-July 22)


During the birth of an important king, one of the stars in that group will indicate by becoming very brigher than other stats Just as it happened in the day Our Lord was born and his star among the constellation Leo of the Zodiac sign was very brighter to the acknowledgements of the three astrologers; as was shown to me the star remains in the sky and sent its tinny rays to the roof of the house the Lord was laid during birth; but to avoid being killed by King Herod, the ray disappeared with the star being overshadowed by cloud and the cloud was taking away as soon as they left the King Palace and were on their way searching for the new born king.

The cloud was taking away and the found the ray whcih they traced until they arrived at the roof and not that the star was actually moving before them but the ray of the star from the constellation Leo moved before them and directed them to the place of the new born king


Jesus predicted the falling of the stars prior to his second coming and in the book of Revelation is known as the Lion of the tribe of Judah and the bright and morning star; using the Zodiac signs (Rev. 5:5, Mat, 24:29-33 and Rev. 22:6). Thefore during his second coming, the LEO group of stars will play another important rule.

The falling of the stars beginning from the constellation leo was first experienced on Nov. 13. 1833. On this account, Agnes M. Clarke author of "A POPLULAR HISTORY OF ASTRONOMY"(1885 edition) page 369,370 indicated that part of the world that witnessed the scene include, the Gulf of Mexico, Halifax and Boston in the United States; He said, " the sky was scored in every direction with a shinning fire balls. Trace backward their parts were invariably found to converge to a point in the constellation-LEO' (For more details see 'BIBLE READING FROM THE HOME" PAGE 232 PARAGRAPH 2).


Prior to the falling of the stars in 1833, the darkness of the earth was also observed as one of the end-time signs indicating the second coming of the Lord. The darkness was one of the signs Moses performed in Egypt and being one of the prophetic powers of the two witnesses to prophecy for 1260 days according to Revelation chapter 11; This has to be done first before the second coming of Jesus Christ follows.

As a sign indicating the coming of the global events, on May 19, 1780 several part of the world was filled with total darkness as it was in the days of Moses in Egypt even a piece of white cloth cannot be seen just like a thick dark cloud (see BIBLE READING FROM THE HOME PAGE 230); This incident occurred on May 19th indicating the sign of the bull being the forerunner of LEO. The difference between May and November is Six months indicating John the Baptist older than Christ for Six months being his forerunner if the bull sign of thick darkness appeared in May of 1833.

So the Zodiac sign as a rule to play in this end-times
Published: 2006-05-27
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

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Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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