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This is the Season

Christmas holiday season

This is the season of giving. The holiday we call Christmas is a magical time of the year when gifts are exchanged and love is in the air in a way which mankind can not explain.

People all around this nation are fighting to keep Christian symbols and Christian terms from appearing or representing the biggest and most popular holiday of the entire year. But the holiday that so many people await all year to celebrate, spend money on, get time off from work and school, and travel great distances to spend that time with family members and friends, came about due to the very basis of the Christian religion - the need or desire to celebrate the birth of Christ. Hence, the word Christmas or Christ - Mass.

It's been celebrated for hundreds of years. It has been called Christmas for hundreds of years. It has been looked forward to and adored by children and adults alike for hundreds of years. If not for Christianity...there would be NO CHRISTMAS!

People would have one less reason to celebrate, less vacation time. They would get fewer gifts, give fewer gifts and eat less good food while relaxing with family and friends.

Sure, someone may have eventually come up with the idea for a "Holiday Time" or "Winter Celebration", but there would probably not have been the whole gift-giving thing that is the real reason most human-beings enjoy December 25th so very much!

Giving is not something that people do all that readily. Human nature is to want to get. We will usually give more freely when first we have received. We tend to think of ourselves first and others second...except at Christmas-time.

During that magical time of the year which occurs every December, people begin to be more kind, more thoughtful and more mindful of other's needs. Why? Because of the very reason for the season.

Christmas is about giving because God gave His only begotten Son that who-so-ever should believe on Him might not perish, but have everlasting life.

God loved us first. Because of this, He wanted to give us a gift that would provide us with a type of joy and purpose for living that no other gift could ever provide. Because of His exceptional gift, mankind has a desire to give. We respond to The Gift by offering gifts.

The best gift we can give God, of course, is ourselves. But, something comes over us this time of year that stretches beyond our usual ability to consider others. It is a holy time - and the secular hype and attempts to strip Christmas of it's holy, divine connection...can not thwart the change which comes about in the hearts of men and women and children. Even the hardened heart softens at the sound of a Christmas Carol. The naughtiest one will act a bit nicer when presented a gift. The biggest Scrooge will dig deep in his pocket to throw a coin into the Salvation Army kettle. The most cynical skeptic will often believe at the sight of a child's smile on Christmas morning.

You see, LOVE is the reason that Christmas exists. Love causes us to want to give. Love causes us to care. Love changes us.

Christ is love.

Christ is not Christmas. Christmas is just what we call the one time of the year that we love and give in a way that we can not explain. It's 'magical' because it's unexplainable. It's unexplainable because it's the season that is based upon the unexplainable love of God and His Son, Jesus.

Sometimes, when mankind can not explain a thing, he will begin to fear it. When mankind fears a thing, he will most often try to eliminate it.
Published: 2006-12-06
Author: C. L. Hanna

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C.L. Hanna ~ Writer For Hire

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