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Tile your basement and why

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Paucity of real estate and living space are driving home designers to come up with innovative ideas of accommodation. Vertical housing is a result of this innovation. Historically speaking though, vertical housing has been practiced even before the first skyscrapers were conceived. For ages the area below the ground on which a home is situated has been utilized for various purposes. Basements not only add to household living space, but can also serve as a foundation for the structure of the house.

However, having a basement comes with its own set of challenges, the most vexing of which is the maintenance and regular upkeep of the basement. Because a basement is underground, it is host to groundwater, not to mention rodents and pests. Using tiles for flooring your basement offers a viable and inexpensive mechanism of ensuring the durability and cleanliness of the floor. So before you go in for concrete or wooden flooring for your basement, we recommend that you take a look at the case for employing tiles instead.

Some of the key benefits of using tiles in your basement are:

1. Cost Effectiveness
2. Easy Replacement
3. Durability
4. Easy to clean
5. Wide range of designs and patterns

As previously mentioned, the first and foremost reason is the cost. Compared to other flooring alternatives, a tiled floor is less expensive. Some vendors offer “peel-and-stick” tiles that can be self-mounted, instead of hiring an external resource to mount them. In addition to cost benefits, this approach also translates into convenience as you can do the tiling yourself at a time of your choice. To make it more fun, you can introduce an element of teamwork by involving your friends in the venture. In any case, mounting tiles is not nuclear science, and a person with even the basic masonry skills can mount them.

A major advantage of tiles is that they are easily replaceable. So if a tile piece is damaged, it is a simple process of taking out the offending piece and replacing them with a new one. Because tiles come in batches, very often some tiles get leftover at the end of the tiling exercise. These tiles can be reused to replace the damaged pieces. Even otherwise, the same set of tiles can usually be brought from the vendor. Typically, tiles come with some sort of a identification code – such as a Product ID or a Stock Keeping Unit number, using which it is easy to reorder extra tile pieces, should the need arise.

Tiled floors also score much higher than its competitors when it comes to durability. People swear by its toughness and stability. You will not get enough opportunities to complain that water or any other thing is affecting your floor. It will remain as it is for a long span of time.

Additionally, pet litter, muddy shoes, spilled coffee – just some of the many things you would dread falling on your newest Persian rug. No such problem with tiles though – they can easily weather such attacks. All you need is hot water, a mild detergent or the detergent provided/recommended by the vendor, and a mop, and your tiled floor is as good as new!

Finally, the aesthetics. Tiles come with a myriad of designs and colors, and it is not uncommon to see more than sets of tiles on a floor, with tile pieces from each set used alternatively. Numbered tiles – tiles laid in sequence to produce a specific design are also very much in vogue these days, thus lending the basement floor a very artistic look.

Summing up, using tiles to floor your basement often translates into flooring your friends and colleagues when they see the floor. Inexpensive to mount and easy to clean, tiles are a viable alternative to the concrete and wooden floors in your basement.
Published: 2007-03-29
Author: Prerna Anshul Panwar

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