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Time machine of success

its all about time,success,dreams,innerself,motivation and belief.

time-machine of success
As time waits for nobody,i tell you to be like time.follow time passionately,try to catch your speed with the time,try to be one step ahead of the time and i am sure till that time you begin to master time.Although this sounds like to have or to create a time-machine as in science fiction stories,but if there is a burning desire to achieve something in life,you ought to believe in such fictional concepts.You ought to believe that time is a great preacher,healer and moreover determiner of your fate.

So,if you want to succeed in life,the road is straight forward.Try to create a time-machine for yourself and to your surprise that time-machine is hidden beneath your soul,lying somewhere latently in your will to prosper,in the form of your totipotent ability that was still enshrouded and kept undiscovered.

The moment your totipotency(apart from the biological one)- a true one which propels good thoughts in you,which fills you with high spirits to excel,when unlayered,recognized,the world is yours.The stars welcome your thoughts,the sun energizes you and the moon gives you mental peace.
the sun,the moon and the stars are not the celestial bodies i am talking about but the sun symbolizes the unbound store of energy located within you in the form of your strongly determined mindset.Whereas i am comparing stars to dreams that give a warm welcome to anybody who wants to pursue them and it is true:
dreams are for him who doesn't believe in his stars,
but are for him who has courage to follow and catch the stars(here dreams)

and finally, the moon symbolizes the innerself that should always guide you on the road to success thereby giving you the mental peace so that you can concentrate your maximum possible energy as you can.

success is achieved only when time takes control of your energies,dreams and mental peace,in turn when time is controlled by you.
As time waits for no body,the same is true of success.But then comes a twist,YES! success never comes to those who wait for it. Never wait for success to come,which people often do and are finished off.Just go on,never stop your journey towards your goal,as it is beautifully said:
success is a journey,not a destination

never wait at the success stop in your life however prompt and smart you are because there is no success-bus or success-tram still made,not even in fictions,which will come to you. That's the stark reality of life!!!

Success is unpredictable and ephemeral,you blink and miss the "success".it can anytime,yes, anytime,so if you are in control of time,success is definitely yours. Success cannot be fortelled because stars(sun signs as in astrology) never determine success.You determine your stars towards success and this is true only for those who believe in theirVALOUR.
Published: 2006-08-15
Author: surbhi jain

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