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Time Management 101: Be the Time Juggler

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In today’s fast-paced world, juggling between school, work, friends and family, and still having time to engage in sports and hobbies is a skill, which has to be mastered. Efficient time management is the key to a successful career and a healthy social life.

Here are effective time management tips that would help you spend your time wisely, without sacrificing your personal or social life!

Make a list. This gives you an idea of what you have to finish within a certain time frame and helps you make a schedule for each task. Be realistic in making this list. Allot reasonable time for each thing that needs to be done.

Relax. When working, try to relax and concentrate on that assignment which you need to finish. Avoid having mental breaks wasted on worrying about the other things that you have to accomplish. This way, you’ll finish your task more quickly and move on to the next assignment.

Avoid interruptions. Look for a nice, quiet spot where you can be alone and disruptions are minimal. Inform the people around you that you prefer not to be bothered while you’re working on your assignment.

Take short breaks. Although you want to avoid interruptions, you also have to rest in between your tasks. These may be scheduled breaks (for example, every hour) or you may wait for your body to tell you when it needs to rest (when you notice you’ve been reading the same line in the book for the last ten minutes, or you’ve been staring at the blank computer screen for quite a while, it’s probably time to take a breather). Step out of your office and rest your mind for a while. Chat, drink coffee, or take a short walk. Keep your break periods 15 minutes or less.

Have enough sleep. Many of us choose getting less sleep in exchange for more time for work. While this is really unavoidable at times, do not make a habit of skipping sleep. Without rest, we work more slowly and less efficiently. Lack of sleep weakens our immune system, making us more susceptible to illnesses (which could mess up our work schedule, big time!).

Share the task. If the assignment can be distributed among you and your co-workers or classmates, do not be afraid to divide the work. If possible, assign work according to the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the group.
Published: 2009-05-23
Author: Heide Lynne Canlas

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so when i notice something wrong with what you say or do and ask you to correct it, sorry..i'm just so used to doing my job :D

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