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Time management

Time Management

Time management is a tact which every one should recognize. When a person says he doesn’t have the time to do the work but he does not realize that he has wasted his precious time chunk in unproductive work. It is not the demand of his priority in life. Man never thinks of the priorities he does such work which is not to be done that time. So, the person should not find out the proper time for doing the right work. Sometimes, it is very difficult to avoid the mood of doing a meticulous labor. Our mind says to do some work and our heart says to do the work which we can enjoy.

Time and again we feel like to take rest. That is the time the conflict occurs to do one work at one time. Many times the task is completed in hurry. Person who has to face the piles of work always remains in anxiety. He is not in the position to finish the task in time. This becomes the habit of the person and he has to face all the troubles in life. He is not been able to make up mind what to do in life. Repeatedly, he wants to take up the challenge but is afraid of whether he will be able to finish it or not. In my view one should always remember that it is rabbit that is capable but since he slept and decided not to take up the race seriously so he struggled with his win in the end. He found tortoise already there who was smiling on his luck and his spirit to keep on working in front of a fast runner. His desperation made him won and later on he enjoyed his triumph. Rabbit thought to wait and stay for long.

A. So one should be very careful to see to it that his task should complete on time:-

(1) He should know the priority of work.
(2) When the work is needed to be finished on time, the person should plan it how to do the work.
(3) Every time he should think have to complete the task on time.
(4) There is a way of doing any work in this world. When god creates this earth and to the life he has also planned to take place the things in certain way.
(5) If the person doesn’t know where to begin the work then he should think of all the possibility to begin the work with.
(6) One must jot down the weekly work and monthly tasks.
(7) We must not take things lightly till the end of the task once the task is done, we will find peace of mind.
(8) One must be time bound and give limit to the task.
(9) One should know his potential to finish the task properly.
(10) If we know our potential then we should allot the time to the work accordingly.
(11) Taking a small break to finish a task in time is necessary. It will not only improve the work quality but it will also help to be more creative and more constructive.
(12) People should not panic if the dead line is closer they should think of to be more stress free realizing the importance of finishing the work on time.
(13) People should take time as money and wealth which he has to earn a name, fame wealth and health in life.

B. If we see the people they are six type of people in life:

I. The person who are very quick and very efficient to complete the entire task in time without any stress or strain.
II. The person who finishes any how there task till the deadline.
III. The people who panics and tensed to see the deadline and think of doing the work and these people take lots of pain to finish there work.
IV. The person who not only panics but falls sick and depressed to think that they will be able to finish or not, such people plan a lot but never implement it.
V. Few people are good to command others and tell them to complete the task.
VI. Other types of people are those who never bother to finish the work and neither takes and never understand the importance of work.

Clock is running like a jet plane but one should know how to drive the plan. It is very important to know that each work done in time give you good and sweet fruit. Work done after the time has no value and it is a big blunder in person’s life nothing remains in his hands only regrets in life. Therefore a person should plan and implement take task according to the work given to him. A person should realize the value of time and who knows it they have been great people a successful people for all time. They are the conquerors of the time. So a person should recognize himself he will be the best task and time manager.
Published: 2009-02-20
Author: shilpi chaudhary

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i want to write because writing is my passion because it is the best expression from which one can present his or her view infront of othere. sharing views cutdown the barriers and brings in new information.

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