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When you play golf, you need time, an, lots of it. Something you should know, about golf. Maybe, for most of us we wait for retirement.

There are simply too many other demands on our time right now, jobs, families, taking care of the garden and so on. Time-management, is no time invested.

Change your plan, study the prose, you can learn a lot about the physics behind the golf swing by studying the diagrams and illustrations in them, and , the best part of this process, you can do it anywhere. On a bus, at the breakfast table, or on visits to your families.

Get an early start, if people can get up early for a morning jog, then so can you. Play one notch over your level, joina regular weekend group of golfers who play at, or close to, your targe handicap level. It is the old theory that you will play better, if you play with better players. No time invested. Time-management, is being well-organised, when playing golf.

Walk, don't ride, since, most of the power in the golf swing comes from the legs, walking is the idea for carrying your bag and play on foot.

Watch the tube, but, not the tournaments, you can pick up all sorts of useful tips by watching the pros on television, but, it is a waste of time to follow tournament play. Time-management golf is the answer.
Published: 2009-10-28
Author: Devika Primic

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I am South African, I am married to a Croatian and have a son of 16. We are now living in Croatia for 7 years. I have recently published my first book and is for sale on at $12,95.

I am currently registered with Triond submitting articles. Also, I have my articles on Bukisa, and several others.
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