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Time's Reality

Time Enigma Solution

A Secret!Time is Nature’s Beloved, so enjoying All the Freedom !

Whatever you do the catch n imprison the time, Remember It’s Time Anyway…!

Time never Ceases People Come, people Go Leaving a legacy of memories behind them
Time never Stops Casting its lasting impressions and imprints On those Who either used or misused her

Time never Sits Running, Roaming, Walking, Stalking, Faltering, Limping, Stumbling But, never falls
Time never Sleeps Waking Whole the day, even night …. And Guarding the Sleeping and Guiding the Alive

Time never Breaks Continuity…From Eternity to Infinite Unknown beginning, Unknown destination
Time never Shudders Instead Putting its hard traces On the things which come into her way
Time never weeps Only Luaghs at those who Undervalued her, Although "sad" Smile for those Ruined Selves

Time never Speaks It remains quite, silent, naturally dumb, but not deaf, Hears everything, but laughs inside, with glued lips, Only parted when Time-Neglecters reach to meet the Visitation……..Then it laughs…with sorrow though

Time never Goes It is lying at one place, neither up, nor down Neither moving forward, nor backward… only existing where it was originated

Time Never felt It keeps slipping, sneaking, sliding, evading before us, But we can’t feel until it has gone far, far enough to bring back When called, looks back but with a grin only

Time Never Seen Enjoying its Invisibility, Never comes to any Grip Neither can be held nor caught…..

Time never repeats It’s just our desire to bring past, our glorious past But history never repeats….It’s just our confusion to match present with past

Time never Withers Instead we withers with her Its shine remains alive But Ours varies with her Eitehr loses or gets our shine with her, but varies…..not constant…

Time never Dies Looking at all the Cosmic Variations Before her and Smiling on its Affecting Power

Time never Understood Existing Since Eternity…? Vanish on Dooms day ? Can be Neutralized ? Can be moved Back ? ….. All Still Unanswered ….. Just to baffle already Enigma-Ridden Mind….
But, Does Time Matter ???!!!………… If it cannot make us Grow, Wither, Change & Vary, Die ….No, Definitely, Not…..If so happens, then Time Doesn’t Exist !B ut It Exists….

Sure it exists….that’s why Once there was nothing And One day there would be nothing for a while, Then there would be everything forever… It Exists…..

Time is a Secret !!!Uncovered to those…… who love the Lord, Love the Bleeding Mankind, Love the Weak Creatures around us, ……

because Time is nothing separated from Us, It Lives with Us, Goes with Us, It Smiles & Weeps with Us, It Wakes and Sleeps with Us, It moves forward and Backward with Us, It is happy and Sad with us, It is Born and Died with Us……

Time is Integrated with our Soul…….And Soul, a Secret of the Lord and Lord’s Utmost Nearness is through Love…….. The Ultimate Love……. So time is Blended with Utmost Love !!!!So, Time is "Tie Am", So It Keeps Me & Us Tied with Her
Published: 2007-03-24

About the author or the publisher
I am a freelance writer who loves to write on topics realted to Relationship and Self Improvement. I am also a Poet and have got my poetries published by International Library of Poetry, USA. I may be contacted or By Cell: 00-92-345-2508971. You are Welcome to make comments by email or on cell.

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