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Tips for Traveling in China

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The best "Travel Tip" for traveling in China is that public transportation really works for millions of people every day. People travel to work, to shop, or travel on holiday and they get there on time with few delays. There are many buses running daily throughout China's cities that travel short routes and many that travel the same route. Buses in the cities are often crowded but usually only when school begins and ends so plan your travel time accordingly. Public transportation is reliable, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Taxi's are also relatively inexpensive and also a reliable way to travel. But most taxi drivers do not speak anything other than Chinese and many speak only a local dialect.

Bus stops, however, I've found provide you with the number of each bus that picks and drops off there, sometimes a city bus map, and many Chinese people who speak some English and are pleased and honored to help and speak to a "foreigner". Most Chinese people under 25 speak some English and do not hesitate to talk to strangers.

Long distance trains and bus travel is also a travelers dream but only if you plan ahead. First you need to find someone to write in Chinese where you are traveling to and other pertinent information to show when you purchase your tickets, find your gate, and show train or bus staff so you get off at the "right stop". Second, DO NOT TRAVEL ON HOLIDAYS as it very crowded and you may not return when you need to.

My son and I have traveled in China this past year and used public transportation with few problems. It is affordable and most of the time comfortable and appeals to our belief "to travel helping to reduce air pollution". We often discuss what will happen when all the current students in China buy their cars and trucks just like we westerners. People outside Asia should really look at and consider the public transportation in China really works.
Published: 2008-11-23
Author: Pamela Gatcomb

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I have been a teacher or educational administrator for over 25 years, owned two businesses, and have been an English teacher and traveler in China for the past year.I have lived my entire life in Maine, USA. I have three grown children, Tricie in New York City, Manny in Litchfield, Maine, and Rick in Changsha, China.

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