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Tips on How to Get the Best Car Insurance Rate

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Many claim that their tips on how to get best insurance rates are useful and will save you money, but, they remain useful for just reading and not applicable when you “really” go for that in Reality. To me the Best tips on buying BEST car insurance are following.

•Simplicity and avoiding too much complexions is first best tip.
For example , Make a budget , gain your credit card report and use “online “ and “off line “ quotes and prices to select a policy meeting your demands after your checking of reliable sources of its “creator company”.

•Working with an insurance agent and a legislature saves you both time and uninvited frustration. Following their free tips available on internet or any library saves money as well, another best tip.

•Make a quick analysis of situation according to your status. If you are teen, good academic record works wonders, if you are new driver, credit card “clean” record or a minimum salary for car loan works best, if you don’t fall in either category, having good DWI record, concise and perfect research online for price quotes and references by local shops, verification of company by state departments’ will work practically and wonderfully, third tip.

•Reducing car usage and increasing public transport [avoiding increase in mileage and car premium], paying more deductibles and saving hundreds and thousands of dollars in your premium, and claiming for discounts on being a high school or college going student, member of a driving club, clean and crime free record etc gets you best insurance rates for sure, that was fourth tip.

•My fifth and last tip is “ try your luck “ by using your brain and making your own decision after hearing all of the tips and advices , suggestions and methods as everyone human alone knows him/her better and can work better if he/she keeps it simple and to the point.

It doesn’t mean that best tips are for best people only; definition of best is what is good for you in comparison of what looks good for you.
Published: 2008-05-01
Author: kashif ali abbs

About the author or the publisher
Kashif Ali Abbas:born in Lahore Pakistan, is an accomplished and top ranked poet, writer and reviewer at many recognized websites and publishing sites. He holds two Master degrees in Physics and English Literature with topnotch critical appreciation from well acknowledged and known poets and authors of his works.Kashif enjoys a huge Fan following and popularity on internet and in real life.


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