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To get into Medical Schools: Myths and Reality

American medical schools , MCAT exam scores , Caribbean medical schools

American medical schools are notoriously difficult to get into, and it is only getting harder. I guess that this is a good thing. You would not want any idiot able to get into medical school, after all. You want your doctor to be intelligent, well-educated, and very highly trained in the field of medicine. In my opinion, medical doctor schools should be a hellish initiation. Only the top people should be qualified for medicine.

Nevertheless, when I decided to apply to a few American medical schools, my opinions started to change. I could not get into a single one of the top medical schools! Now my grades are not perfect, but I went to a reputable school, and they're not bad either. My MCAT exam scores were not wonderful, but they were not abysmal either. You would think that some medical schools would take me, but I was having a heck of a time finding them. That is when I started to think about Caribbean medical schools.

Eventually, I applied to the American University of the Caribbean and was accepted. I wasn't really that psyched about going to medical schools outside of the continental United States. After all, I did want a prestigious record. I do not want all my patients in the future to know that I was not going to one of the top medical schools. Nonetheless, I was just happy to be going. I knew that I was getting a second chance. This time, I would not settle for a mediocre grade. In medical school, I knew I would really push myself.

My medical schools semester has yet to start, but I am already getting prepared. I have reviewed everything I can find about basic anatomy, have gotten all of my school supplies, and have began to look for an organization system for my school books and supplies. One of my problems is that, in school, I tend to fall behind. No matter how hard I work, I get more and more behind as the year goes on. I know that if I can start off quickly, I will be able to keep up with all of my school work. It will be just a matter of not letting myself fall behind even for a moment. I think that I have learned my lessons, and I expect to do very well in medical school. I know I will be put to the test, but I am ready for that test.
Published: 2007-08-17
Author: Zora Ait El Machkouri

About the author or the publisher
French journalist and Editor-in-chief of a new magazine about Africa

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