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Tomato: Anti-cancer food of health-care from the nature


Abstract: Tomato originally grew in Central America and South America, but it is now widely planted around the world as an admirable plant as well as an edible vegetable that we eat almost everyday. Besides, there are various beverages, snacks and refreshments made of tomatoes selling well at due to the fact that those products are becoming increasingly popular as people are paying more and more attention to their health.

Tomato and its nutrient contents

It can be dated back to as early as Ming Dynasty when Tomato was first brought into China. With so many years of improvement of the tomato’s species according to the rule—— “survival of the fittest”, the tomatoes nowadays are not only more admirable but more scrumptious than ever. It is vegetable as well as fruit, and is processed into tomato juice, tomato source and tomato cans of all kinds.

Mainly cooked as a vegetable, tomato is loved by house wives and is frequently used in the kitchen because it is rich in many nutrient contents. Therefore, it is strongly recommended by experts of dietetics who always emphasize the significance of its abundant vitamins, mineral compositions, carbohydrates, organic acids, and a small quantity of protein. Vitamin D is the guard of our arteries, protecting us from high blood pressures. Gglutathione, an anti-cancer element of resolved protein can magically delay aging process of cells. Funnily, the carotene which is believed to uniquely exist in carrots is also found in tomatoes. The carotene is very conductive to the calcification of our skeletons.

Apart from what mentioned above, lycopene is the most remarkable of all the other important contents that deserve your concerns. Similar to carotene, the lycopene is also functioning as an antioxidant which can to some extent protect our bodies against angiocardiopathy and some cancers. The recent research has shown that lycopene is extremely good to women in that it can somehow guard the uterus against hysteromyoma and cancer.

Tomato and its processed food

Tomato is quite helpful to digestion due to the large amount of the peptic substances in it——the citric acid and apple acid. In order to make it more handy and instant to enjoy the good taste and the nutrition, we think of many ways to process tomatoes. There are tomato juice to drink and tomato source or rather ketchup to go with pasta, crisps and anything you like. The lycopene is times higher in ketchup than in fresh tomatoes but the edible cellulose is much fewer. Since nothing is perfectly satisfactory in every aspect, it is totally up to you to choose tomato or ketchup. The only thing we are quite sure is that our website will always do our best to satisfy you with our high quality products and excellent service. Please feel free to visit and login in our website and we are open to any question.

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Published: 2008-07-13
Author: rona

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