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Too Good To Be True Or Is It Not?

Money, Online, Free

Onlime Money Making Schemes
As a recently retired man, I have plenty of time on my hands and I would like to earn more money to supplement my savings. But imagine to my surprise there are thousands of money making schemes on the internet.

Easy Online Money
Imagine if you can earn $1000/- per day online doing very little or letting the money making machine do everything for you on autopilot, then in no time at all, you will become a millionaire.

Recruiting Downline And Upline
There are some websites which will invite you to join them in their multilevel marketing schemes, claiming that you will earn a lot of money simply by recruiting people as your downline and then you can earn commission from you downline and even your upline. How easy it is to earn money.

Free Website, Free affiliateship
I have come across some websites which offer you a website completely free, a free affiliate membership and even pay you a certain remuneration for a certain period of time to enable you to earn money. But if you were to read their terms you will find one or two terms which will be very unfavourable to you and may even involve you in legal payouts in case of any legal disputes.

Too Good To Be True
So ladies and gentlemen, beware. If any scheme seems too good to be true, it generally is. Also please read through all the fine prints at the bottom of the final web page and see if ther are any terms which will be detrimental to you because if you agree to the agreement , you will be legally bound to it. Bye ,bye and do not get scammed
Published: 2007-11-26
Author: Chan Loon

About the author or the publisher
I am a Malaysian man aged 55 and I have recently retired. As I have plenty of spare time and I need money to survive, I surf the internet looking for job opportunities. Yesterday I came across your site and here I am signing up as a writer. My interests are in reading and swimming. I can speak and write good English and would like to try my hand as a writer. I would like to write on my life experiences and on self development.

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