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Top 5 cars recently launched in India

top car launched india bhp honda

We have come a long way (an understatement) from the days of the Contessa and Ambassador and boy what a long way we've come! The automobile industry in India has grown by leaps and bounds and Rolls Royce coming in with their first showroom in Mumbai proves that today, we are globally viewed as one of the most potential markets by the biggest players in the game. Porsches, Audis and Mercs, earlier admired only in posters (or dreams) flock the streets of most metros today. Ok so we have it all but what's the point here? Well, its simple and the heading answers it, it's about what's new and worth talking about. So let's see what can still make us go gaga when it comes to cars:

1. Fiat 500- 1.3 litre multi jet, the same engine on the Palio and Swift diesel..75bhp..Mc Pherson struts in front.. So what's great? Isn't it the usual stuff? That is where my friends we all are mistaken. This! wonderful people is not a car for an ardent Maruti 800 fan who saves every penny even if it means a compromise on the quality. This is a car for someone who has an eye for quality and detail. The interiors are as swanky and neat as a car thrice its price and the ride is unbelievable for a car this size. The engine has a Borg-Warner fixed geometry turbocharger with wastegate and intercooler that takes it to a 100 much faster than it’s competitors (if at all) who share the same engine. This car epitomizes Italian build quality, design, fit and finish. The car is not only cute and enchanting but comes packed with a load of features. We wondered why but now we know why it has constantly been winning hearts all across the world.

2. Honda Civic Hybrid- Honda started development work on their Hybrid system in 1990. The Civic Hybrid uses the Honda Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology in which the engine is directly connected to and assisted by an electric motor. The system itself is compact and as a result of the electric motor being directly connected, a smaller battery and inverters can be used. During acceleration, the electric motor will assist the engine, providing greater fuel economy and lower emissions. As soon as the brakes are applied to slow the vehicle down, the engine shuts off allowing energy to be captured instead of wasted to re-charge the battery. When the car comes to a stop, the engine switches off, conserving energy. It re-starts automatically as soon as the brake pedal is released. One of the new features of Honda's new Civic Hybrid system is that during low-speed cruising, it is possible for all 4 cylinders to be shut off and the Civic Hybrid to cruise on the electric motor alone. This leads to a phenomenal reduction in pollution and fuel cost. Such thoughtfulness deserves a Thumbs Up!

3. Swift Diesel- There is a 100 day waiting period if you want to own one! Need I say more? The Swift has taken the market by storm from the day of its launch and is the car that infused a new lease of life in Maruti Suzuki India after it took some battering at the hands of Hyundai thanks to the Santro. But since then it’s been a different story. The swift "DDIS" uses the most refined, tried and tested Fiat 1.3 Multi jet diesel engine which is so smooth that you just can’t go wrong with it. The weight of the engine has added to the stability of the car and the cabin is so silent that there isn't a noise even namesake with your windows rolled up. The ride quality too is brilliant and the pricing backed by Maruti's all India service network make it one of the best packages in the country, one that many of its counterparts can learn from.

4. Honda Accord- We all thought that the earlier accord was a perfect car and I always wondered how could Honda possibly better that but they have once again proved that if there is anyone who can better a Honda, it's Honda itself! The new Accord is true value for money. At first glance it may appear to be a car in the league of the Audi A6 till you notice the badge and the name. The 2.4 litre i-VTEC engine is as refined as an internal combustion engine can be and delivering a staggering 180 BHP and 222 Nm of torque can pack a serious punch too. The Accord can inspire any other car manufacturer and redefines luxury in its segment. This car is larger, plusher and more powerful than before! No wonder its winning hearts of customers globally all over again.

5. Honda City- No I have not been bribed by Honda but its sheer hard work and performance that speak volumes. Had the new city not been launched, this was a spot reserved for the SX4 but that's another story. How do I start? What do I describe first? Should I talk about the stunning iVTEC engine that is a 1.5l engine but delivers a breathtaking 118 bhp and can touch 0-100 in 10.28 secs OR do I describe its exceptional looks. But inspite of the need for speed factor, the car is extremely eco friendly (lives up to Euro IV norms) and returns a mileage of 14 kmpl in the city. The car is a brilliantly designed and thoughtfully made, 506 litres of boot space speaks volumes for itself and refinement is unmatched. A well built car that will last you for generations.
Published: 2009-02-13
Author: Rahul Dougall

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I started writing as a hobby and my articles were really liked by the editor of a popular newspaper in metros after which I started writing regularly for "Mid-Day". It has become a passion for me now! I just want to write more and more and more :-)

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