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Traffic school online

traffic school online

Who would ever have thought of traffic school online years ago when you were teaching your kids to drive? I grew up in a home where cars—hot rods and trucks and the like—were respected, if not revered. I was trained in a driver education program at a high school that knew winter weather and anticipated the need for certain driving skills that transcend those of residents of sunny states…such as driving on ice, sleet, and snow, for instance. And while I am quick and hyper-alert, while I love a good fast car and drive, I have only had three traffic violations in all of my driving life (which equals about thirty-one years): got a speeding ticket at 16, trying to beat curfew; got a no seat belt ticket in the eighties, when I was pulled over because a headlamp was out; and got a red light violation one night when I knew better but wanted to get home after working all day and all night at a college an hour and a half away from where I lived.

But last week, having moved and been new in town just recently—in the last couple of months—I got pulled over for speeding. Yikes! I was a bit startled, really, as in my terms I was not speeding, but was doing 44 in a part of town where, I have since studied, the signs go from 35 to 25 to 35 to 25 (in one spot TWO SIGNS, one for 35 AND one for 25 are together?????)…almost like a speed trap set-up, if you ask me. But the officer was hella cool: not only was he kind and jocular, but one of the first things he said, after asking me when was the last time I got a speeding ticket (which was 30 years ago), was that I could go to traffic school online!

I had heard friends talking over the last few years about traffic school online, about how you can keep from adding points to your driver record (points increasing means, evidently, insurance rates increasing), and I had learned of friends having done traffic school online to relieve the cost of the traffic ticket. (A red light violation, once a staggering $107 in my area, for example, is now almost $400!) So now I get to experience first hand the traffic school online adventure. I have started the research, and found that, logically, one should use an accredited traffic school online—one which is legitimate and will issue you the documentation you need to prove to the courts you have paid your penance. I have also found that traffic school online can be manageable, allowing you to study at your own pace and during the hours you are available; that traffic school online is cheap; and that traffic school online, if you search long enough, will appeal to your particular learning style—giving you games if you are a doer, text only if you prefer verbal instruction, and cartoons and short films if you are more of a visual learner.

I am hoping to complete my traffic school online in the next few days, and will either go with comedy or cartoons and games. They look promising and they hopefully will not humiliate me too much with road rules I learned 31 years ago and ace on every DMV test, etc., though once every decade “forget”. What a reminder.

THe moral of the story - traffic school online may not be a new driver's dream but perhaps an refreshing course for the old-school driver.
Published: 2006-07-20
Author: Frogs Lover

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