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Travel Insurance: why and what

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Prevention is better than cure: So the saying goes. What if you have to curtail your most longed trip, just because you are sick or have to come back for some inevitable reasons? And all that costs you so high that you finally lose all your savings. Unlike health insurance, we hardly pay any attention to travel insurance. While planning for all other travel expenses we often ignore the most important thing—self protection.
Travel insurance helps when you fall sick or injured; lose or damage your luggage; or your air delays while on holiday. Some travel insurances also cover expenditures if you curtail or cancel your trip in certain situations. So in order to avoid extra expenditure, and meet your health needs which can be very expensive in the country you are holidaying, travel insurance is inevitable. Usually, travel insurance incurs medical, dental expenses and arranges expenditures related to aeromedical evacuation to the travelers, under conditions specified by the insurance policy.
It is always good to buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy in order to avoid high expenses associated with aeromedical evacuation, and medical and dental treatment abroad. But, before buying any travel policy every traveler is advised to analyze the policies carefully and ensure what is covered and check out for any exclusions. Particularly, the travelers who work overseas, or some one who is involved in dangerous jobs, and those traveling for exotic sporting activities should prefer a special travel plan.
Now, what are the things generally covered by a travel insurance? Though the terms and conditions of policies varies from one provider to other, any good travel insurance plan is likely to give coverages that include hospital and other medical treatment expenses during a trip, outside his country, delays and curtailment coverage; compensation for lost or damaged luggage and belongings; and 24-hour helpline for medical and legal assistance. However, an insurance policy may not pay any compensation if luggage is stolen due to deliberate negligence. Same way, they may not pay if a traveler changes his mind to travel. Above all, the main thing to be considered is whether the travel insurance policy covers all the needs of travelers or not.
In cases when a traveler has gold credit card or some other insurance policies that also include travel insurance, then the traveler need not go for another simple insurance, but he should consider whether the policy covers hazardous recreations, such as rafting, mountaineering, skiing, diving, para gliding, hang gliding etc.
It is a common assumption that travel insurances are very expensive, and people usually do not interpret any adverse situation. So, most of the people often neglect buying travel insurance policies. Again people have a tendency to spend as little as possible to make a trip, may be because of the monetary constraints. However, prevention is always better, who knows what waits! The traveler may have to spend much more than the amount he plans to actually spend as travel expenses. Availing insurance for travel concerns help travelers in innumerable ways to sort out financial and physical problems that may arise while traveling.
Published: 2007-07-28
Author: Pallavi Borgohain

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Pallavi Borgohain is basically a freelance content writer contributing promotional write-ups to various Web portals and magazines. A Masters in English literature, the author started her career as a feature writer of various newspapers and magazines. Moreover, the author is quite popular as a children book writer and for her contributory write-ups on humanities and electronic gadgets.The author can be contacted in

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