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Triangle of life-Positive thinking

Positive thinking

(1) There are times in life when we just stop and ponder where it’s heading to. We there are some questions which crop up without any answers... So do they have answers to start with or is it just that we keep dropping in the dark. Well there are some who have answers too in respect to where their life is heading, but still there is a feeling of incompleteness with the way its heading. And then there are these so called “Superior Thinkers” who know exactly where its heading and what they want but are unhappy about the end result.. So if all the above makes sense to you and you fall any of the above category then read on….., else please let me know about the other categories u fall in so that I can write something about u too.

(2) All the above cases becomes more clear once we understand the theory.. I call it the triangle of life. Though it may sound philosophical its surely has a practical angle to it so please don’t put this in the category of the articles which sounds very good but is far from practicality.The triangle is formed by Thoughts-Actions-Realisation.

(4) Thoughts.

It’s no more a secret that positive thinking is what takes you ahead. Its the ways to lead, positive thinking, positive energy, thinking ahead, fidgeting the past, moving on with life blah blah blah.. I agree that it’s the way to live. But I would like you to ask a question to yourself. How many times you have been able to do so… Something bad occurs and you have said to yourself “move on and be positive” and even if u have said does it really bring any solace to the aching heart?.. Well frankly….NO. It doesn’t. So is the theory wrong? No I am not saying that but it has to be accompanied with a bit of a situational awareness. The best example I get in my mind is that all the medicines react differently on different bodies at different times. The same way this action also has different effect on people depending upon the situation and their capability to cope with it.

(5)Here is the key… to know the situation yourself so that u can prescribe what is actually required. It would be foolish to think that just by being positive would yield you results. So all that is required is a bit of self introspection and that’s it. Then you would know how much dose of positive thinking you require. And if you are thinking that” I am aware about all this but still it doesn’t make much of difference” then here is the next step.. Get into ACTION.


In this case I really don’t know where to start with. I wish I was a better writer to put my thoughts exactly into words. For this, I salute all the great philosophical authors. But when I talk about action, what I mean is how we react when we are in a particular situation. Do you think about a particular instance and think “Why did I react in this way??? “If you had you would have got half the answer. As we all know, our actions are the reflection of our state of mind. So this comes back to the same triangle, thoughts to action. For getting into positive actions it has to be backed by strong positive action. If the thoughts are right and there is a conscious effort to put the thoughts into action then all I can say is “Welcome to the positive world”.

(7) But then how would you know whether this thing is working for you? Yes I agree to an extent that this is a tough question. But the answer lies within you… yes within you. And there is where the third angle of the triangle enters. REALISATION,


There is no point of having positive thoughts and actions if u don’t have the wisdom of realising the gains from it. It’s same as making efforts to grow a mango plant to a good tree but not being able to taste the fruit. So it is necessary to realize what effect the positive thoughts are leaving on your mind and body. And even though it requires a slice of luck for things to fall in place, to your surprise you would see that they are automatically falling in place. You suddenly start feeling that all your prayers are being answered. But to enjoy that moment you should wait and see yourself shaping up to a new person. A positive person.. A happier person who enjoys every bit of positive ness in life.

(9) For the realistion I have one more theory to share.. I call it the maze theory. You must have seen a maze puzzle in comics and newspapers. Is looks something like the one shown below:

(10) Ever wondered why one is able to solve it?? I guess the reason is that we all have a bird’s eye view of the maze and so we are able to judge to way out. The same way we at times other people to see to our situation we are in. At times we are also in the same scene and we too should allow our dear ones to have a bird’s eye on the situation. It may happen that they make us realize what we are missing. So go ahead and enjoy a positive life.
Published: 2009-11-28
Author: Vijay Nair

About the author or the publisher
I am a free lance writer who likes to pen down thougts from seeing the world around and trying to make sense out of simple things in life,

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