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Tricks for card tricks

card tricks

Childre love magic

Most children love magic in one form or another, simply because it is unexplainable. The imagination in anyone is strong at a young age, and that makes magic all the more appealing to children. There are many different types of tricks that people can do, but some of the easiest ones to learn are card tricks. There are hundreds of different ones, and even the clumsiest person can master at least one of them.

Card tricks are easier then they look

If you know someone who can do card tricks, they may or may not be willing to teach you. My college boyfriend knew only one trick, but it was a really good one. It took me two years to talk him into showing me how to do it, and once he did, I understood why. Like most card tricks, this one was much easier than it looked. He didn’t want to give away his secrets, but I guess he figured teaching me wouldn’t be giving up too much. It’s a great trick, and I still do it once in a while for the right audience.

How to leran card tricks

If you don’t know anyone to teach you card tricks, you can buy books that show you how to do some, and then the rest is up to you. The best card trick is no good if you can’t do it right. If someone can catch on to your trick, you have not practiced enough. Card tricks are something that should be practiced until you can do them in your sleep and do them well. Nothing ruins a good trick quicker than someone with little practice who fumbles through a trick and gives the secrets away right off the bat.

Start with kits

You can also find kits for card tricks. These are found in some bookstores and online, and you can also find them in magic shops, if you have one nearby. There are simple card tricks, and those are probably the ones to master first. If you are new to magic, try the kits made for children. You should be able to learn them quickly, then you can move on to more complicated tricks if you find that these are something you are good at and would like to do more.

Amazing ones are easier then they appear

Remember, the most amazing tricks are often the ones that are more simple than they appear. If you are performing for one or one hundred, the same amount of practice is needed for the perfect illusion to occur. The real trick to any magic is that you create an illusion that the audience can not see through.
Published: 2007-09-19
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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