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"True Love Exists"

kiss, true love

The two of you are walking on a path leading onto a trail by a bridge accross from a water fall. He looks into your eyes and leans in for the first kiss you'll both share together. You touch his neck and he touches your cheek. What a kiss!

Everyone is looking for that right person to spend the rest of their life with. That one true love that grows stronger with each passing day. Most often people don't find true love in their life time. But that doesn't mean that you won't. If you want that perfect kiss everytime you'll have to fight for it.

Most people don't realize how important true love actually is. It's important because it's everyone's dream.
True love seems to have caught my eye as well. You think you found mr.right and then out of nowhere you're right back where you were before anything even happened. But just think of the possibilties that true love brings. You'll have an unlimited source of happiness that will make you glow like an angel. You'll feel like nothing can get you down. You'll be safe and secure even if you're stuck sleeping in the car for a night. Everything will just seem so perfect in every way. And that's why true love is so important. It's the key to everyone's perfect life. So fight for what you dream. Fight for what you desire and you'll eventually get what you've been waiting so long for.
Published: 2007-04-14
Author: Bethany Mitchell

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My name is Bethany Mitchell. In my growth as a young adult I've come to realize that being an editor is what my goal should be. I love to write, share stories, give advice and have fun! Reading my articles will allow you to learn and explore different styles of personalities and a different taste in writing. I will ensure you that I can make a section in any magazine an eye catcher; something that will scream, "READ ME!" I may be new at editing, but writing is something I have to do.

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